Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coco's new pad

One bonus of our new apartment is that he gets his very own play space. His own place to sleep, his own place to retreat to. (our own place to throw all his toys!)

I wanted his room to be fun, colorful and most of all, affordable. We found a couple things at Ikea and went from there.

Here is his room.

This is the hallway to Cohen's room. To the right is our bathroom and the double doors on the left hide our laundry room. This is "Phase II" of our apartment complex, so it's built all 'lofty'. Lofty is a fancy term "no doors". Yea... It's all that was available and we needed to move. Anyways, we hung two noise canceling, black out curtains at his entrance. It's worked out nicely so far. 

Here's the view walking in. The wall color isn't really that powdery, but the light coming in the window is toying with it. 

Ikea table and chairs, Ikea rug and abacus. The soft ABC flash cards were made by our friend Chelsea! Cohen loves to tote these around!

I loved this whimsical canopy when I saw it and it inspired the room. I got the wall color from one of the pennants. I want to make it into a reading corner when he gets a little bigger.

These were the aqua colored, glittery letters we used at Coco's birthday party. We sanded off the glitter and painted them red! I think they turned out great! I got them at Hobby Lobby originally.

This is his book shelf, with bunches of fun books and random items. That's the growth chart Ashley gave Cohen! Goes perfect in his new room.

That cross-stitch was hand made by my cousin Roland. Isn't it the sweetest thing? Those cute letter blocks are from my sweet friend Suzanne at work. And Aunt Myra is to thank for the Very Hungry Caterpillar. :)

I got this idea from pinterest.. (where else?) I found these alphabet flash cards at Barnes and Noble for around 10 dollars. And I already had the twine and clothespins. 

Here's a close up. I just love this wall. Cohen loves for us to sing the ABC's to him, so I know he's going to love learning what each letter looks and sounds like with these flash cards! And they're super fun and cute!

We put his trucks and legos in his closet and what does he play with? The swiffer duster. :) Never fails! But seriously, he likes to go in there and play. 

Our big boy! Almost 30 inches tall! 

So, while we purchased a few new items, most of these things were pieces we already had! And we just finally got to use them in his bigger space. We're so happy with the outcome, we can't wait to watch him play and grow in there. 

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