Friday, November 5, 2010

30 Weeks!

Wow.. I seriously can not believe that we are already at 30 weeks! That means only 10 weeks, or 2 and 1/2 months left! How can that be? I remember when I was younger and I would think of pregnant women.. I would think, "Yea.. she's pregnant.. she'll be pregnant forever, then someday in the far away future there will be a new baby." Ok, so I was a lot younger when I thought like this.. maybe 10 years old. But jeez, it just doesn't seem like I've been pregnant for 30 weeks!

I'm feeling so good right now.
-besides being overwhelmingly tired all the time...
-and besides having to wake up to go to the bathroom 2-3 times a night (or day, depending on when I'm getting my sleep)...
-and besides not being able to bend down and put on my shoes (Hector comes in handy here)...
-and besides my tummy itching like crazy--making me apply cocoa butter 24/7...
-OH.. and besides the horrible, horrible acid reflux I have..especially at night.. gross..

Ha ha, besides all that, being pregnant is wonderful. There is nothing greater than feeling Cohen moving all over the place. And I cherish these moments with him, because I know in the next 2 or 3 weeks his free space in there will drastically reduce as he will be gaining 2, 3, 4, 5 pounds.. And he'll probably start moving less. Or maybe I'll just feel it more.. We'll see. :) The other day while laying in bed, I felt him having (what I think must be)  hiccups. It feels just like a tiny, rhythmic spaz in my belly. Usually in the very center of my body. But it can be felt from the outside, so I had Hector lay his hand where I could feel it. He felt it too, and agreed that these must be hiccups. They last for several minutes and come at random times. I can't wait to see his tiny little face when he has the hiccups on the outside. :) Or his little hands and feet stretching out and curling up, the way he's doing on the inside right now. Ohhhh, I just can't wait to meet him!

So, here is my 30 week belly picture. I know I just put up the 28 week picture, but this really was taken 2 weeks later. :)

Remember 4 weeks? Right after I found out I was pregnant?

And I haven't done this previously, but I wanted to put a bare belly picture on here. I think that Cohen growing beautifully inside of my belly is a wonderful thing, and should not be hidden. And maybe some people still have a problem with bare bellies.. My advice? Don't look. Because it is beautiful part of nature and a woman's body and it should be embraced. I am fortunate, so far, to not have any stretch marks.. And I'm crossing my fingers! My belly button is stretching waayy out, but not popping out.. Not sure how that is.. :)

I love it!

Maybe after this work weekend, I'll do the blog on Cohen's nursery. It's basically finished. We have all the big items. And a few decor things.. but, those things will be added gradually from here on out.

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Yesterday was Halloween.. Last year, I don't know what we were doing, but we didn't do anything fun for Halloween. This year, the Cole's had a Halloween costume/pass-out-candy party. Yes, please!

I wanted to have really cute/clever costumes for Hector and me. I wanted to utilize my 7 month pregnant belly. So, I started roaming the Internet.. checking out blogs and forums for great pregnancy costumes. And I found one that I knew would be a kick at the party. Behold:

Humpty Dumpty (before and after)
Taa-daaa!! Yes, we painted my belly. :) It took Hector about an hour to get it all painted. And upon arriving at the party, it still was not dry! We have never used face paint before, so we did not anticipate how long it would take to dry. I drew his Humpty Dumpty on his shirt. He made the boxes with bricks on them. I sewed the "legs" and added two little pairs of Cohen's shoes (they didn't make the picture :( ). A very inexpensive, clever, cute costume, if I do say so myself! I think everyone at the party liked them. :)

I made a cinnamon swirl cake for dessert; Sallie had made chili for everyone. I also made these cute appetizers:
Little Mummies! They were just Lil' Smokies wrapped in crescent roll strips. So easy and a BIG hit at the party! I remember telling David to open up the container for a surprise, turning to take a picture of something, turning back to the container a second later and about 2/3 of them were GONE! (not all by David..) And I made 40 of them! :)
Flo and the Geico gecko! (aka Jackie and Patrick) She looked just like Flo! Down to the bump and headband in her hair! Great idea, guys!

Maggie was the cutest ladybug you've ever seen! But she wasn't too sure about those gecko fingers touching her hands... And Callie isn't really pregnant (but it looks good on her, right??!) but her and David came as Finn and Quinn from Glee, when Quinn was pregnant last season. People tell David he looks like Finn (which he doesn't agree with). See the story and their couple pic here.

Tyler was a Ninja Turtle and Sallie was a hula girl. I must've been eating because I missed this photo op.

Humpty and Flo! (There are little Cohen's shoes!)

And we of course passed out candy to all the little Trick-or-Treaters (maybe 10 kiddos). Needless to say, we got to bring home a lot of the candy we took over there.

Oh, and Ranger was (what else??) the Red Power Ranger! Again.. I was off my a-game on taking pictures last night. :( Perhaps Jackie got some pictures of him in his costume. It was his one year birthday, too!

We had a really good time and were just thankful to have good friends to spend this Halloween with. Next year we'll be able to dress our little Cohen up as something! Can't wait!

28 weeks

So, I forgot to put our 28 week update/belly photos up... after I specifically told you I would. Here you are:

Again.. I always feel like these pictures make me look just a little bigger than I really am... People say, no.. you really have a little baby in there..

Anyways.. We  had our appointment last Wednesday. All is well.. Cohen's heart rate was about 140 beats per minute. My belly measured exactly 28 cm (from top to bottom of my uterus), which is right where it should be. After 20 weeks, the size of your belly goes hand in hand with the gestational age of the baby. (28 weeks : 28 cm) Pretty cool, huh? Blood pressure still good, hanging out at 110/70. And since last month I've gained 2 pounds and since the beginning I've gained 13, I believe. I was so scared I'd balloon up and be the "Oh, it's fine!!!! I'm eating for TWO!!" girl. I have not been! Mainly because my stomach is squished up by now and won't comfortably hold a lot of food. And I know that lots of food can equal BIG baby. I want a healthy baby, not a huge one.

So anyways, we asked our questions... I got my Rhogam shot and we were outta there. Always good to hear that Baby Cohen is doing well. We'll get a sonogram in about 7 weeks. He'll be so much bigger by then!

He moves all the time! He's really awake at night, since I work at night. Bumping around in there, doing flips and high-fiving daddy. We were watching TV the other night and I just sat the remote on my belly for a second and just happened to notice it was jerking.. Cohen was kicking right where the remote was sitting! And now he'll make his way up underneath my right ribs... and stay there. And it is uncomfortable at times! I have to push him down. But, we've found that when we can feel prominent body parts, he's usually right there.... in that same area, under the right rib cage. :) And when he goes nuts inside, we can't help but smile and laugh to ourselves.. We can't wait to meet this little guy who's been kicking and rolling for all these weeks.

We are in love. :)
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