Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Liam ~ 9 months old

Well, our tiny baby is not so tiny anymore! He turned 9 months yesterday! **pats self on back for getting a picture and a blog post done on time**

This was a month of milestones!! But first, his Tonka picture:

He changes so much each month--I can't stand it!! 

Listen to what this kid accomplished this month:
1. Got TWO bottom teeth!
2. Started CRAWLING like a BOSS.
3. Started pulling up on furniture and in his crib.
4. Can feed himself PUFFS. 
5. Can halfway sign "more" when he wants more PUFFS. :)
6. Can crawl up stairs. *heart attack*
7. Got a double ear infection on his 9 month bday. O_O
8. Loves to hug his brother!
9. Went swimming in the big pool--loved it!

Still no words. 

He is still breastfed, though, he is way more distractible. His best feeds are in the middle of the night and right when he wakes up in the morning. In addition to nursing, he gets solid food several times a day. He loves pretty much all the fruits. And some veggies, if they are mixed with fruit. ;)

He is 20 pounds, 1 ounce. So big! (Cohen was 20 pounds, 15.5 ounces!) Crazy how similar they are! His thighs are so big and chunky!! PERFECTLY SQUISHY. 

He goes to bed between 8 and 9 (We aim for 8) and wakes up somewhere between 2-4am to eat. He honestly likes to go back to his bed, where he can spread out, but I'm sleepy and lazy and usually keep him with me, until he fights it too much. Then he's pretty much up by 7:30. He takes a 1-2 hour nap after he's been up for about 2 hours (unless he has an undiagnosed [yet] double ear infection, like today) and then another 2 hour nap when Cohen naps (around 2 or 3 pm.)

He's loving sound toys now, and trying to push the buttons. :) We're training him to love his lovey ;) by tucking it in with him each night and at nap time. (Cohen still very much needs his, and treats it like his baby now.. putting it for naps, feeding it) :)

Here were some outtakes:

Ummm.. I think this is the last one, Mom...

Yup, I'm outta here!

Ok, one more. :)


That elbow, though!!!

It is the perfect age right now. Perfect. Stay little, my sweet boy. Please??? We love you!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Liam ~ 8 months old

Yaaay! A week late! We've been busy, okay??  There was the Fourth.. there was work.. there was Cohen going to Granna and Pop's, then US going there.. there were home repairs..

Anyways, I took his picture today.. at 8 months and 10 days old. Oh well. At least I took it. :)

I. just. can't.

This has got to be the best age. He's figured out how to scoot backwards, so that's fun. He rolls every which way, so that's also fun. He's for real teething (for real, this time), so that's not very fun. No seriously, I can SEE a tooth coming in on the bottom, right middle. :)

He is still breast fed, and we've added in 2-3 meals of baby purees each day. He's a fan of them now. He's had everything from carrots to sweet potatoes to beets to mango to pineapple and everything in between. He also loves the puffs. (who doesn't??) He likes to drink water from a sippy cup, but he thinks it's real funny to let the water run right out of his mouth, while smiling real big. :) Silly boy. 

He wears 9 month to 12 month clothes.. although, I got him into an 18 month onesie the other day...

He shows no interest in standing up or cruising. And I'm perfectly fine with that. 

No words, lots of babble. No "ma ma" yet. Still pushing for that one. 

Oh, and he hates napping. I hate that he hates napping.

Funny boy!

Still likes sticking that tongue out!

I told Cohen to jump in with him and Liam immediately moved in for a hug. :)

Mr. Soon-to-be-crawling!

What baby brother does, big brother must imitate... >_<

Mama with my baby boy! Cohen is getting pretty good at snapping pictures ;)

I like to chew on everything.

Look at that boy, playing with his truck!

(remember Cohen at 8 months? started taking interest in his truck at this age too!)

(and look at Coco wearing this outfit at almost the exact same age!!)

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