Saturday, April 20, 2013


Today I'm reminded just how much I hate living in an apartment.

Let's see.
Was it the screeching children running up and down the hallway during what I had hoped would be mine and Cohen's shared nap time?

Was it him waking up after only 45 minutes because a random ice cream truck that's never been here before came blaring "When the Saints go Marching In" right outside his window for 5 minutes??

Was it us thinking, "Man, we have quiet neighbors above us!" for the past two months only to find out it was VACANT, and they are most assuredly home now? Goodbye peaceful ceilings, hello elephants bowling above us!

That was just today.

There's always the lovely sound of your neighbor flushing their toilet at 3 a.m. to rouse you from your peaceful sleep.

Or, smelling your neighbors Indian spices through the vents at dinner time. (No offense to Indian spices, just eww when I'm cooking or eating something else over here.)

Don't try to tell me that all this is fine since I don't have to do my own yard or fix my A/C when it breaks. Most of the time for me, apartment living blows.

End of rant. Nice to think we signed a contract here for 10 more glorious months.
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