Friday, February 17, 2012


Ready for the Miranda's week in photos? I've got 6 for ya this week! Enjoy.

Cohen has a bazillion of these little balls that go to various toys. Half of my day is spent chasing him around and taking these away. I caught him here. And please ignore the huge mess, we are moving in two days. 

This is a little sneak peek of Cohen's new room. We are SO excited to get him into his own big boy room!

Here, I let Cohen run around for a few minutes without his diaper. It's good for the hiney. He ran off towards the bathroom where daddy was getting ready. And next thing I know, Hector is yelling for me to come in there. Cohen had peed.. right next to the toilet! I think he was aiming for it! :) Sweet boy.

We went to see Granna and Pops for a day and Pops got to give Cohen his morning bottle! 

We had to take Cohen into the doctor on Wednesday to check on his eye. It was weepy and swollen and looked bruised. So he got some antibiotic drops.. it's looking better, so I suppose it was a little infection. He certainly didn't act sick.

And last, this is another little project for Cohen's room. We had glittery, turquoise letters for Cohen's birthday party, and I wanted to reuse them in his room, so we sanded the glitter off and I painted them red. Gonna look so cute! 

life rearranged

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