Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A day at the museum!

For Memorial Day, since Hector got the day off, we went to the Perot Museum, here in Dallas. It was pretty cool. 90% of it was over Cohen's head, but he liked the Children's Museum area. So glad we went, though. Felt like true Dallasites, finally! ha!

Afterwards, we went to the Klyde Warren Park. Pretty neat place! It was on the brink of raining the entire time we were there, so we hurriedly selected a food truck to eat from (Abe's Flavor Flave..Mexican tacos..duh!) and got some Trailercakes cupcakes. A quick splash in the kid's area, and we got outta there! Both kids were getting fussy and tired.

Perhaps the only snake you'll ever see on my blog. Ever. I was gagging, it was so gross.

Checking out a giant tarantula! Ew!

Driving the farmer's market truck!

Shopping for produce!

Sliding down the big slide at the construction zone in downtown Dallas!

Sweet baby brother, just a-watching. :)

On a side note, Perot Museum... I saw signs for a designated nursing area, and Liam was hungry, so I asked the lady at the desk in the children's area where it was, and she pointed towards the bathroom and said, "it's there in the bathroom.. a private stall" I stared blankly at her, and said, "No thanks, I'll feed him over there on the bench." A brand new museum and the nursing area is a stall in the bathroom?? Come on. You could've done way better.

Learned that Cohen can "rock climb" :)

We went to the moon!

Big Dinosaurs!! Cohen was a little freaked by them.. He wasn't sure what bones meant.. 

Not even scared to stand by the edge! 

Saying he loved all the cars. Nice pic of downtown.

Feeling a tornado!

Not even real sure what this was, but the wood chips moved with your movements!

Liam liked the little splash pond at the museum!

Big bro, especially liked it! Got his whole outfit wet!

Once at Klyde Warren, we switched to swim attire.

Man, he looks big!

:) So happy!

He already wants to go back.

So, Klyde Warren is a really neat park. I'd love to go back when it's not threatening to rain. We were expecting 3 food trucks to choose from (per website) and there were at least 10! So cool. 

Both boys took terrific naps as soon as we got home!

Friday, May 16, 2014

These days.. in photos

Our little guy, sitting up.. playing with Cohen's old toys! Glad I'm a hoarder and didn't throw anything away!

That tongue. It's out all.the.time. And I love it.


Figuring things out.

Attempting some banana oatmeal.

Steps to making mama quit putting that spoon in my mouth.. 1. Avert the eyes.

2. Spit it all out.   3. Bang on tray until she removes it.
Mission accomplished.

Grilling some burgers!

Hector grilled some lamb chops (first timers!). They were med-rare to med. Not my fave.. and I wasn't crazy about the taste of the actual meat.. But Hector loved it and it fits with his blood type. But also.. it's real expensive. :-/

Soccer lessons with Daddy. I mean, can they be any more alike?? 

Mama and Liam, watching the soccer!

Are you KIDDING ME???? Cutest guys I've ever seen!!! 

So, so sweet! Practice makes perfect! ;)

New house space: The Playroom

Let's see, we closed on February 12th.... moved in on February 22nd... I finished the playroom on May 14th. And by finished, I mean, unpacked a few more boxes, moved some garage sale boxes and organized a little.

Y'all, it's hard to do anything at all with these precious children. But on this particular day, Liam took a 2 hour nap in the morning, and a 2 hour nap while Cohen napped! Overlapping naps in our home are referred to as "golden hours". Rare, precious occurrences that happen once in a blue moon.

Alas, here it is. A very important room in our home. The Playroom. Right off of the kitchen, adjacent to the living room. Windows surrounding and glorious sunlight 99% of the day. So, so thankful this house had a space we could use as a playroom. With two little boys, we need a space to keep our most used toys. A spot to sit at a kid-sized table and color or do school work. A place to lay in a sunny spot on the floor and read a book together. A place where innumerable train tracks will be set up and played on.

From standing almost in the living room (dining table there on left, kitchen behind and to left).

I'd love to put some cute classic toys up on the white shelves, but for now, it's flowers. :) And pictures. But that would require printing. Or maybe some custom Cohen art!

There's Liam's favorite spot in the house... his jumper. He can jump in there non-stop for about an hour before he complains!

I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I know it won't always stay clean and organized like this.. but there have been gentle threats made to Cohen. ;)

Eventually I think we'll paint the walls and do all the trim white, as opposed to the natural wood color.

We've already been enjoying the room.

Sometimes we go pants-less in the mornings. So, what? 

Can I just squeeze and eat those fingers???? Gaaaaahhhh!!!

Oh, hai mom. 

Steals brother's puzzle pieces to leave his signature on them. ;)

We can eat breakfast while working logistical puzzles.

Want some apple? 

Liam is mesmerized by Cohen, all day. 


Selfie with Liam!

I can't stop laughing at this picture. Can't stop. Poor Liam's face! And Cohen doing the Miley tongue all the time now. Sweet babes. 

So there ya go! One room in our house. More to come, eventually... :)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Liam ~ 6 months old

Look at this boy! It is so hard to believe he is 6 months old already! When we went to his Pedi appointment, he weighed 17 pounds, 11 ounces!! (at 6 months, Cohen weighed 17 pounds, 7.5 ounces!!) Crazy, Liam was so much smaller at birth and has caught up tremendously!

Liam is getting so fun, and I just love this age. He has learned to sit up on his own!! Yay! He prefers to sit up, actually. No more of that boring laying down for him! ha!

Still no rolling. That's weird, right?? Big brother (and I try REAL HARD not to compare) was already rolling everywhere at 6 months. Maybe it's a good thing. I don't have to chase him down yet!

We attempt solids with him, but the kid isn't interested. He likes Puffs.... and he has eaten part of a strawberry and banana. This kid may skip all the baby food and just have grown up food. O_O
He is still 99% breastfed. (Might get one bottle formula when I work and the sitter is here, and she runs out of breast milk) He still eats around every 3 hours during the day. He will wake at night to eat, but not eat very much, and falls back to sleep with us. So, I'm starting to think it's just a comfort thing at night, that he's not really hungry. If we could just get him to sleep longer at night in his crib before waking to come sleep with us.... hmmm... What can I say, he's a snuggler. :)

He still seems to be teething (copious slobber and chewing on everything!) but no sign of teeth yet. He now wears just an Amber necklace (his Hazelwood necklace was staining all his shirts brown!). And he is responding well to it. His little eczema spots are kinda flared up right now. On his neck and stomach and legs. Doesn't seem to bother him. We've started giving him culturelle (probiotic) because we can't get his poops normalized. TMI, sorry.

He's a rough napper. Giving a 45 minute nap most of the time. But, he has started going down at night right about 8, he gives out! So now brother and Liam try to go to bed at 8. Opens up some time for Hector and I to be kid-free for a bit! We can watch our shows! Or just talk! Or go to sleep early! haha.

He babbles a lot, says "Heeeyyyy!" And he'll do a little fake cough to get attention now, too! I remember Cohen doing that too. :)

So serious!

The hair, these days

Liam loves to be naked! If he's like this for a minute, then you go to put a diaper on him, he cries!

Liam Emile, we LOVE you to the moon and back!! Keep growing strong, baby boy! 

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