Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby boy is 12 months old!

Have you been blog stalking for that 12 month update? Have you been visiting, thinking "She got all the other months within a few days.. where's the 12 month update?" Well, relax readers. It's here.

Can I just say... WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT A WHOLE YEAR! First time parents and we didn't screw up any major aspects of his life! We learned a lot, though. We learned about decision-making and research. We learned about compassion for a little boy's heart. We learned that you really don't need sleep to lead a somewhat normal life. We learned that it's hard to discipline without smiling because that boy is so darn cute. We learned that he loves the movie Tangled, and subsequently learned all the lines and songs in that movie. We learned that sometimes a mama hug can fix anything. We learned that walking one year olds can reach anything. Anything. Ahh, yes, we've learned so much.

Oh, yea, and one year olds also don't sit still next to a toy truck for a picture.

...unless mama stashes some Puffs in the back of the Tonka truck. :)

what, there's no more?

dropped one.. must retrieve
Puffs are DA BOMB!

At the doctor on his actual birthday. Mean, I know. 

..loves his mama!

Just before the shots... :(

He weighed 21 pounds, 12.5 ounces. 13 pounds and .1 ounce more than his birth weight! He was 29.5 inches tall. He grew 9.5 inches in one year! Our big guy!

Mama felt bad about the shots on his birthday, so what did Coco get? Blue and green pancakes! And BACON! :)

Words can't even describe my love for this little boy!

Baby's first haircut!!

Finished! How handsome is he? Went from baby to little boy in 20 minutes flat!

Cohen's birthday present from mama and daddy. His new, big boy car seat! 

Happy boy!

Pure joy. It doesn't get any better than this!

He's walking, eating mostly table foods, gets 3-4 bottles a day. No words yet. Lots of babbling. Several teeth and more coming in! He still doesn't sleep through the night. Uggh. Same story, different day. He naps really well, twice a day. But at night, he wakes up screaming around 1-2am. I always want to pick him up and cuddle him, but I know that is not what will get us through this stage. Last night he cried it out. Tonight, he will cry it out if/when he wakes. And hopefully it will only take a couple more nights. We'll see. 

Happy Birthday Coco!

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  1. He is an absolutely adorable little man! Congratulations on your first year too! it really does get easier - at least til those teenage years! Ha! Thanks for sharing your life through the blog - it is really great. And think of the memories you are storing up for him! HAppy Birthday Cohen!


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