Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's tough being a little boy.

When the roughness can sometimes be a tad overwhelming, the good Lord uses Cohen to be a gentle reminder that little boys are terribly, terribly sweet, too. We had such a precious time this morning, playing in his room. Racing cars and trucks, practicing their "vroom" sound and reading books about trucks. He sure can be a doll when he wants to. Days like these, I'm so, so happy that we're able to keep him home with us. I know our situation has plenty of negatives, but God is allowing us to lay a wonderful foundation of trust and guidance for our little Cohen right now, by him staying at home with either Daddy or the both of us. We are truly blessed in that respect.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I saw a little something on Pinterest a while ago about glowsticks in the bathtub.


I found a tube of 16 glowstick bracelets in the $1 spot at Target the other day, and thought, Why not?

5 of these in the tub, lights out, 1/2 hour of fun bath time.

No explanation necessary! :)

Quick Paris Trip

During Spring break week, we went to Paris for one day/night. We were having a family get together, complete with grilling, cupcake making, golf cart rides, fishing, and a golf ball game that is not golf.

Clarification: I did not fish. My dad, my brother, his girlfriend and her two littles, Jesse and Reese fished. I watched. And chased Cohen.

I have gotten into a terrible habit of not taking pictures at, well.. anything these days. I'm going to try and be better. Starting tonight, at our good friend Patrick's birthday party! TWENT-FII-EVE!

YUM Cupcakes!

This game! What's it called?

Ever seen a cuter toddler? I haven't.

I just DIE when I look at this picture!

Thank you Lord for giving us this little person to raise!

[iPhone] Hubby and I on the golf cart!

[iPhone] Cohen riding on the very toy tractor that his mama used to play on!

[iPhone] My favorite girl with my favorite boy!

[iPhone] My sweet Charlie.. Growing up WAY too fast. :)

I managed to not get any picture of Josh, Cortney, Jesse, Reese, Granna or Pop. I stink. :( Next time?
Thanks for having us Mom!

Here Comes the Bride!

I am SO SO excited for my sweet college friend, Mindy! She has met her soul mate and is marrying him this summer! Mindy is the most beautiful, friendly and caring person you'll ever meet. Mark is one lucky guy! Our friend Natalie threw her a bridal shower a couple weeks ago. It was PERFECT. Natalie is the best when it comes to parties/showers. She did a spring citrus theme. She had it nailed, guys.. down to the lemon scented wall flowers she had smelling up her house!

(Mindy loves Shiner, ok?)

Natalie MADE these. Enough said. I use mine daily. :)

My first plate. Yes, there were more.

The Loot!

JACLYN, of all people, made a towel cake! :) 

 What's a Bridal Shower without a friendly game of Tissue Paper Wedding Gown???
Jam, Em, Jac=Unstoppable.

I know what you're thinking.. Rosettes?? Yes. We did them.

Our masterpiece.

Natty in her gown!

Why should we have won? Ours had a REMOVABLE TRAIN for the dance party!

The actual winner. (Mindy's mother was on this team... rigged? I think so.)

The models.

She does. (p.s. That's Mindy's sister, couldn't they be twins??)

The bride and me!

My Cohen came to visit afterwards! He shook an empty can of puffs onto his head. He doesn't have baby dandruff.

What a party! Her wedding is just about 2 1/2 months away, I can't wait to travel to SOUTH TEXAS for it! 

Congrats Mindy and Mark! <3
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