Friday, February 24, 2012


Well, it's Friday again.. (or what's left of it.) I have a few Instagram photos for you to feast on. We've been moving this whole week, so this is the first time I've even gotten a chance to sit down and blog. Here you go!

Another project for Cohen's room! Stay tuned for the post covering his new room.

This was before we bought groceries.. The three of us had a bed & breakfast date with donuts!

Crazy bedhead resting on Mama and Daddy's headboard.

Cohen's Granna gave him her old deactivated phone and let me tell you.. he acts like it has always been his. He carries it everywhere. Holds it up to his mouth like he's talking to someone.. :) Pretty cute. I'm just waiting on it to end up in the toilet. :-/

Is he the cutest or what? He was eating Pei Wei... loves their fried rice just like mama!

Mama and Daddy had a pancake war this morning. Mama used no oil in the pan, daddy used melted butter. I must say, we tied. :)

Love doing Insta-Friday! These are the pictures I take when the moment is just perfect and the camera is no where in sight. 

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