Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Play Date!

Last Thursday we had a play date with McKensley, Ellie, Gabby and Brynlee. Cohen and a bunch of girly girls! We wish our boy pals lived closer... Eli and Kade! haha

Here are some pictures from the get-together.
Sweet McKensley

Cohen found the only manly toy there and took to it! 

Ellie having tea

Hmmm.. where to go now...?


Coco tried to push Gabby around in the car

First shot at a couch picture :) Brynlee was NOT having it!

Decent... Gabby's looking away though..

Cohen's first time on a slide!

Lost his balance :(

He's ok!

LOVED the swing, though!

See? Loved it.

So Mama helped him down the slide. :)

Play dates are so fun! It's always interesting to see how Cohen will play with other kiddos, since he doesn't go to any sort of day care. At this point they still play a little independently, so he's right on track. Gets a tad bit upset when something is taken from him. It'll be sweet when that actually play together, rather than beside each other. :)

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