Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Liam ~ 10 months old

10 months old! Well, five days ago. Work got in the way of his picture. How cute is he?? Mannn.

On his exact 10 month birthday, we were at his pediatrician's office with a 102 fever that he'd had for 2 full days. Must have been a little virus because he's better now. So he didn't want a picture anyways. Mr. No-nap.

So, this guy is precious. He's crawling everywhere, pulling up on furniture, attempting to cruise along furniture, and beelines for the stairs if you look away for 30 seconds. Cohen considers it his personal job to go and grab him from the stairs and carry him to safety.

He is still just babbling unintelligibly. No words yet.

He eats several baby food meals a day. I feel like he's kinda "take it or leave it" with solids. He'll eat them, but he never cries for them or anything. Still breastfeeding! I can hardly believe we've made it this far. He still wakes up to eat at night. Sometimes twice... Ugghh.. Not loving that. Ready for my full nights of sleep again.

He rarely sleeps in our bed anymore, unless he's been up twice already and is still fussing. But overall, he's more comfy in his bed. He is getting better about taking two pretty good naps each day. But if we are out and about, it gets ruined. Ruined, I tell ya. He's one of those kids who will fall asleep five minutes from the house and then wake up when you pull in the garage and be wired to the max, refusing to nap in his crib.

He loves to play pat-a-cake, be sung to, get big brother's cars and nerf bullets, take mama's glasses, pull on cords, bang on the lap top, splash in the bath tub... He's so fun!

And just because we were at the pedi's office, he weighed 20 pounds 11 ounces.

He's still got two teeth, there on the bottom.

Those puppy dog eyes.. they get me every time.

Oh, and he's such a sensitive little guy. Anytime we have to raise our voice or speak sternly to Cohen, he gets a sad, sad look on his face then cries so sincerely... it breaks my heart and I just have to squeeze and hug and kiss him to make it all better.

10 beautiful months with this sweet bug. Better get to party planning! :)
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