Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home stretch... 35 Weeks!

I just can't believe we're already 35 weeks. That means 35 days left. (if that.. if we go that long)

This kid is measuring big now, after measuring on-time and slow for a couple weeks.

How big is baby? Liam is as big as a cantaloupe, though I think that's inaccurate. Of course he's not a ball. At this weeks appointment, Dr. R estimated he weighs 6.5 pounds already. And my fundal height measurement was 36.5 weeks, as apposed to 34.5 (which is where I was). 
Weight gain/loss: Ugh. I'll just say I'm up 26 pounds, and I officially weigh the most I've ever weighed.
Sleep: Sleep is not good. I feel pretty tired these days, especially at work. I still nap if I can. I wake up so many times a night. Usually to go to the restroom, even if it's very little pee. :( Gets old. My hips hurt all the time. My AMAZING friend Leslie, took my complaints about sleep to heart the other day, and gifted me with a pregnancy body pillow. It has made sleep much, much better. And it helps me stay on my side! (I tend to wake up on my back a lot) :-/
Movement: He still moves often, and regularly, but it's smaller movements. More like squirming, less like kicking/punching. Less room, I guess! 
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, leg cramps. Some Braxton Hicks contractions lately. Reflux went away for a while, but came back this past week. I've upped my dose of Protonix to 80mg/day. And sometimes throw in a Zantac still. Noticed three stretch marks today. :( :( :( :( 
Belly Button: Innie still! (with Coco, it never popped out!)
Food Cravings: Sweets! Mannnn, do I have a sweet tooth! Cookies and milk, cupcakes, s'mores.. Bring it on!
Gender: It's a BOY! William Emile Miranda, "Liam"
What I miss? Sleeping on tummy (or good, at all), feeling rested
What I'm looking forward to? Still can't wait for cooler weather.. we have a cool front bringing 40s-50s at night this coming weekend! And I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to having this baby and seeing how he is alike or different from Cohen!
Big brother: He's a handful! A sweet boy, but so energetic. And mommy just doesn't have much energy these days. He asked to "carry the baby" the other day. He helps Dr. R find Liam's heartbeat when we go. :) 
Dr. Appointment notes: Last appointment was this past Tuesday, 34.5 weeks. Everything was great. Weight good, BP 100/62. She estimated 6.5 pounds of baby in there! EEK. Could be an induction again. We'll see if I start progressing next week. We go Thursday for a sono and checkup, where she'll begin checking for cervical changes. 

Here's big brother:

And Daddy!

Need to brag on this guy right here.. He started a new job this week and is loving AND rocking it! He's a business professional now! :) And he had a little chalk marker fight with Cohen, hence the war paint. I love this man so much!

We're ready for Liam! In a couple weeks, I guess. :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bubbles, Lovey and Grandparents

I'm still trying to figure out the 'ol DSLR camera.. it's getting a tiny bit easier. It's still tempting to put it on "Auto" when I'm in a hurry, so I try to practice in situations that are not urgent. :) But this is also difficult, because, this kid doesn't stop moving. I'm secretly super excited to be taking pictures of my sleeping newborn in a month. :) Maybe I'll get really good then!

Last night I pulled the camera out for bath time. And I took pictures until Cohen got in too much trouble (i.e. splashing Mommy repeatedly, then finally, pouring water outside of the tub, via his bath drum).

Either this whole pic is blurry (highly-likely) or his left eye is super blurry. I'll chalk it up to him barely sitting still for a pic.

Drumming away!!

Oh my handsome. What am I going to do with him?

Just a playin' with letters!

Loves to swim in the tub now. Losing his fears of water. 

Then, at breakfast today, I took a couple. 

I love this one! Sleepy, puffy eyes and all. This is 'mouth full of cereal'. 

And our beloved Lovey. 

And finally, my parents were over here this afternoon because dad had business near here. They always try to squeeze in a visit when they are so close. I love it. We all went out to the PGA store together, then to the mall to visit Daddy at PBK. Then back home for a bit more playtime before they had to head home. 

Cohen's beautiful Granna, my mom. She is literally his most favorite person in the world.

My dad, Cohen's Pop! It's really hard to get pictures of him smiling, but around Coco, there's so much laughing going on, I caught a few. Blurry belly from bucking Coco!


More smiles! They are best buddies. It's wonderful!

So, like I said.. I'm feeling more comfortable with the camera.. but I'm so ready for my still subject to get here! (5 weeks and counting! Look for Liam post on Thursday!)

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