Friday, February 3, 2012


I've seen lots of bloggers doing this.. and.. well.. I take pics on my iPhone all week long too! :) Might as well share 'em since those are our everyday, spur of the moment pictures! Enjoy! And post up with Life Rearranged to share your pictures!

Cohen Alexander thinks he is a BIG boy and that he can "work" on our laptop. This is often right when little hands get a gentle swat and he is redirected to something else. Ahh, toddler hood is upon us.

 Daddy and Coco got a very special treat this past Sunday while Mama was at work... They went to visit Baby Julia Belle! She was 5 precious days old in that picture! So sweet! I think Hector looks GREAT with a baby in his arms! eh, eh? I kid, I kid! Lord knows we're nowhere near ready for another!

 This is the man of the house, for sure. This toy may have been our most valuable toy.. The activity table.. you know, the one with all the different noise-making mechanisms...... That goes off at all hours of the night, I feel like. But Coco LOVE it. Mainly slamming the book pages over or slamming the "little laptop" shut. Such is life.

 This little piece... We had been searching for a cheap "new" entertainment center, one that Cohen can't destroy and where he can't reach all the buttons on electronics. Well, we found this on Craig's List, listed for $50. It has three drawers and two doors, AND an adorable hutch that sits on top. It's really for your kitchen--so what? We get there and it's this elderly couple having to sell all of the lady's sister's belongings because she is severely disabled with Alzheimer's. We got to talking about my grandmother (and her [our] struggle with the disease), she took a shine to Cohen, and they let us have it for $30! STEAL. Have you priced furniture lately? We have, and we simply can not afford it. But this? And Hector got a can of paint and is making it shabby chic amazing! I'll do a whole post on this later on, when it's finished.

 Quite possibly my favorite picture of the two of them to date. We think he's so big and so grown, but look how tiny he is next to Daddy. I just love it. This was at a park near Cohen's friend, McKensley's house. We had so much fun!

 Cohen got to swing for the first time! Yea, I'm a little embarrassed that he hasn't been on a swing in his entire one year existence.. But hey! He's done it now! And he loved it.

And last but not least, we had tacos the other night and guess who thought they should get some taco, too? The one year old. And he takes MAN bites. He uses those three teeth to their fullest potential.

I think I'm going to like Insta-Friday!

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