Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A little of our week {in photos}

This is perhaps the best kind of post.. one with lots of pictures.

I got a little emotional when a friend at work mentioned going to a funeral for a young person who had young children. And I thought about what a gut-wrenching fear that is for me. I pray, pray that my boys won't have to be without either me or Hector while they're little. I want them to remember us, and remember the good times we had, and the love we had/have for one another. I'm getting nauseous just typing these words. BLECHHH. Ok.

Anyways, I also thought, I need to get in more pictures with my kids! How 'not fun' would it be to get older and look back at photos and only see pics of you by yourself?? No. I want them to see Mom and Dad in pictures with them. As Emily Anderson (of The Anderson Crew) calls it, "Embracing the Camera", getting in pictures with your kiddos. It really is special. Do it.

On to the happy!

This baby boy.. getting increasingly uneasy in his jumper.. he'd rather be roaming the house, getting into trouble! Look at those sweet teeth! Two on the bottom.

He crawls up to me EVERY chance he gets. He's kinda smitten with me.. and I kinda thrive on that! 

Pulled him into a "selfie"... But hey! We're together!

Coco and Daddy... lookalikes much?? 

Daddy with Liam! Blurry, but together. :)

Granna and Pop dropped in last night for dinner! Love when they're here!

She is so fantastic, and he is her BIGGEST fan. 

Switched the 'ol camera into manual mode for these next shots. You're welcome. 

My sweaty boy on our walk today. 

Baby bro at least had some stroller shade... Rosy cheeks :)

Those feet...... I just can't. I kiss them everyday. Because, why not?

Nature boy, he wanted me to eat that, I think.

I refused and his 16 year old attitude came out.

His face kills me. So big.

Wonder when they'll both look at the camera? At one time, I mean? 

Liam totally ripped that page right outta the magazine Hector was looking at. Baby gets what baby wants. 

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week... nursing a 9 month old! I don't mind showing this photo, because you know what? It's not inappropriate at all. Nothing is seen that 'shouldn't' be. 

Anyways, I'm proud to still be breastfeeding, and I want to remember this forever (as if I could forget). And it's just a few more pictures that I get to be in with my sweet baby. Thanks, Hector, for the pictures. While taking them he said, "Just a beautiful mama feeding her baby." I really appreciated that.. and not the compliment.. but the observation. 

After he removed my glasses, as he does during most feeds nowadays.. because that's super fun for him. :) Love the eye contact. 

Then I snatched up this guy! How is he so big?? Coco starts 3K in few weeks. He's ready, I'm so nottttt. :(

Well, I'm super impressed if you made it all the way to the end of that long post! Hope you enjoyed! 

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