Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!

So, I worked on Sunday, but got PTO at 3 o'clock! Nice when that happens. I signed up for it, hoping I'd get it since it was Super Bowl Sunday. The Rays were hosting a football get together, and I wanted us to go.

I didn't really care about the "game" part.. but I love parties with friends. But, ironically, my half time score bet AND final score bet were the closest! :)

My contribution to the party (the price you pay for working right before) *Thanks Kroger*

Me and Jackie

Hector, Tyler, Maggie and Patrick

Coco and Daddy holding hands :) :)

Had to post this picture of PK playing with Maggie in her princess tent. Does he fit? 

Thank you so much, Jackie and Patrick, for having us over! We LOVED the food and fellowship. Those BBQ sliders were delicious! 

Go Giants! (I just had to ask Hector to remind me who won..)

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