Friday, April 8, 2011

A post of pics :)

It's been a long week... I went back to work. :( But it was good. Tuesday was my first night back. Everyone was so nice, helping me get reacquainted with the unit. (Thank you Emily, Maryann, Virginia and Sara for all your help!) I got home Wednesday morning as fast as I could! Cohen was awake and ready to eat! I had to go to sleep right afterwards, but I woke around 2 pm, so I could play with him before going back to work. It was harder to go the second night. I hated only having 3-4 hours of time with him. But... gotta work! And, apparently it was much harder on me than Cohen-he was fine! I didn't cry at work, just on my way. :) But we still took a bunch of pictures of Coco this week. Enjoy!

We went to church on Sunday and left Cohen in the nursery for the first time! I nervously checked my pager about every 3 minutes. :)

He did just fine. I came in and he was napping in the crib! :)

Cohen and Daddy after church. He's looking at Maggie :)

Like father, like...daughter? Mags and Tyler

I want to remember this hair forever :)

Holding things and bringing them to his mouth!

Trying to roll over during tummy time... :-/

Looking at his octopus

Octopus is his favorite toy :)

He has a special look, just for me :)

Mommy and Coco

He's a thinker!

Hector thinks it's so weird when Cohen chews on his hand

Cohen doesn't think it's weird at all :)

Right before I went to work. Isn't it clear why I have a hard time leaving him? That face!

Thanks for checking our pictures! 

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