Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!

I was so thrilled to put together Cohen's very first Easter basket. I filled it with cute things that I knew he'd be "growing in to" in these next few weeks. 
A new onesie
Big boy bowls for when we start cereal in a few weeks!!
Spoons for said cereal.. :)
A new jittery giraffe for his car seat.
A vibrating teething ring (yes, we think he's starting early..)
And of course, an Easter bunny!!

There was also a new pajama set (as he's grown out of all the 0-3month ones!) and a teether that can be frozen to soothe his gums. He had fun! I was afraid he'd just stare at it, but he actually tried to chew on everything. 

Now this is my favorite Easter Basket!! :)

Granna and Pop came over to celebrate Easter with us and go to Watermark's Saturday service. We had a great time!

Here we are at Church!
Dinner at Taco Diner (yummy!)
His Easter card from Granna and Pop!
They brought him a new outfit, new sandals and these new pj's! We love them!
(Again with the chewing...)
My sweet Easter baby!
Our little family!

What a sweet day! We are so glad my Mom and Dad got to come over. They're only 2 hours away but it seems like we have to go long times in between visits. Cohen was about 3 months and 1 week this Easter. Next year we should get to go to an Egg hunt!


  1. I got Eli a Little People egg a little bit ago for next years Easter basket. 50% off!! I like your practical basket idea. I may do that next year since he will be too small for candy and his room is too small for stuffed animals. Cute!

  2. Great pictures!!!! Man! He's a gorgeous kiddo!!! :-)

  3. EMILY! Cohen is absolutely the cutest little bug! I just want to reach out and tussle that hair... LOVE it!


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