Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cohen: Three Months!

So, Cohen's 3 month birthday was a week ago. A little late on this post, I know, but we were out of town and I've been working. Sheesh!

This baby...

He has inched his way into the very center of our hearts and tossed his anchor. He's there to stay. Every day with him is literally a joy. Even if I'm tired, or he's grouchy, there are still so many more moments of joy, that those moments of exhaustion, emotion and frustration are simply forgotten.

He is ever-growing and ever-changing. This is good.. this is good. I have to tell myself that all the time. Because part of me, if I had it my way, would keep him tiny, small and helpless forever. There is something so wonderful about being needed by this immature human for his every need. Now, granted, he still needs me for 99% of his world. But friends, I saw this kid put his paci back into his mouth the other day after it had fallen out. I'm not ready for that! Or am I? The polar opposite side of me (the rational side, perhaps?) is the one saying, "Yes, Emily, OF COURSE you want him to start gaining independence!" You want him to be able to lay in his play gym and entertain himself for a while. You want him to learn to soothe himself back to sleep at night when he gets startled awake. And I am so excited for his future... our future with him. We'll be celebrating with our friends, the one year birthday of their little girl this week, and I actually caught myself the other day, thinking of how I would do Cohen's first birthday party. Now, I can't give you details, because I mentally slapped myself and thought, "Are you CRAZY?? Don't you dare rush this first year of his, because you'll never get it back! Let him be little and enjoy the heck out of him!" So, that ended the birthday party planning session. :)

Here is Coco's 3 month Tonka picture:

Remember 2 months?

And 1??


-Sleeping- Siiigghhh.... When will we perfect this? He's getting better.. He is! But, I guess like with everything, we still have our bad days (nights?). We usually do bath time around 8, then try to get him to sleep in his crib by 8:30-9. On one of our "good" nights he will sleep from 9 to 3-4am, eat, then sleep for another 3-4 hours. We'd like to cut out this one, lingering night-time feeding, but the paci does not do the trick. We are still swaddling him in his Miracle Blanket. It has been our lifesaver. Can I just say that we tried to not swaddle him last night and it was a disaster?? Any suggestions? He just kicked and squirmed and would not settle down. From 2:30am to 5am, mind you. Yes, I'm tired. He's napping a little better. He'll take an hour-ish nap in the morning and another afternoon. That's better, right??

-Eating- Not much to report here. He's been eating about every 3 hours during the day, although, it's been a little more frequent lately. This is to be expected, as babies have a growth spurt around 3 months. He only drinks breast milk and formula. I've learned all the ins and outs of pumping at work. And I am so thankful to be working at a place that is so baby-friendly (we are a giant nursery, after all!). I am able to use our pumps at work, which makes it super convenient and easy. 

-Growing- He weighed 14 pounds on the 13th. And was 25 inches long. (He weighed 8 pounds 12.4 ounces at birth.) 

-Development- Let's see. He holds his head up ALL the time. He wants to be standing up 99% of the time, he gets impatient if you just sit him on your lap. He is still only mildly interested in tummy time. Even though we go to great lengths to make it fun (mirrors, toys, laying on the floor with him..). He is grasping small toys and bringing them to his mouth. He chews on his fists. He studies his feet occasionally. He is not rolling over, either way. He will sometimes roll from front to back if he is that  upset. He lights up when he sees me, Daddy or octopus. He enjoys his Baby Einstein Jumperoo. He occasionally laughs out loud. He can almost sit unassisted in his Bumbo and Superseat. And he talks to us A LOT now. He is especially talkative in the mornings. He makes a sound like he's blowing a raspberry. It's mainly a lot of different volumes and pitches of "Oooooo" and "Ohhh". He has been ignoring the frames lately. He likes to grab his blankets and bring them to his mouth so he can chew on them. 

Right around his 3-month birthday he had his first cold. Nothing big, just him feeling and looking pitiful. But he's just about fully recovered, with just a little watery eye leftover. And he does not like it when Mommy gets out the bulb syringe. No, he does not. 

So that's where we are! He's such a wonderful baby. We love him so much. Hopefully I'll get some more blogs in soon!  

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