Thursday, June 6, 2013

18 week update!

Baby Miranda definitely shows now! We haven't even come up with a pet name for this baby. We called Coco "Bambino" a lot. I think we're just waiting to see if it's a boy or girl and give him/her a name! 

I did make a fun board this time around (it's left over from our pregnancy announcement!!) to do pregnancy updates every few weeks. After seeing so many creative friends' boards and, of course, pinterest.. I had to do something!

A close up! 

And you know my sweet son couldn't let Mommy take all the pictures alone...

Cohen is 2 years and 5 months here. tear :(

I'm going to borrow this little questionnaire from my friend, Katy, for pregnancy updates. I always enjoyed following hers, so I feel like my readers will too!

How big is baby? the size of Bell pepper! says baby weighs 7 ounces and is about 5.5 inches from head to bottom.
Weight gain/loss: at my appointment last week, I had gained a total of 6 pounds (at 17 weeks)
Sleep: I sure am sleepy all the time, but don't sleep very well at night. I wake up a lot, due to a snoring hubby next to me ;) and having to go to the bathroom. Then it's hard to go back to sleep. I also am having a hard time staying off my tummy and back when I sleep. I think I need one of those pregnancy pillows to sleep with!
Movement: I started feeling movement at about 15 weeks, and definitely feel the baby a lot more now. The most movement is probably after I eat or have any drink with any sugar in it. I love these early movements! They feel like little punches and jabs from the inside out. 
Symptoms: Well, this week I've had an awful case of pregnancy rhinitis. As soon as I lay down I get congested, and wake up with lots of drainage. And it's caused my nose to be raw and bleed at times. :( Also, I have zero appetite. Nothing sounds good, but I still eat and eat a lot. But I don't feel like cooking, because nothing sounds good. It's a vicious cycle. I've been feeling sinus headaches pretty often, too. 
Belly Button: Innie still! (with Coco, it never popped out!)
Food Cravings: I had been craving salads, but that passed. Now there's nothing that sounds particularly good. :(
Gender: We find out in 5 days! CAN'T WAIT! I think it's a girl (or am hoping!) :) and Daddy thinks since I felt worse in the beginning, baby might be a girl. All the boys in our community group think boy, and the girls think girl. :) My work friends want me to have a girl. And of course Granna would like a little girl!
What I miss? Sleeping on tummy, having soft cheeses (never thought I'd miss that...), having occasional wine or margarita (and now it's summer!!!), drinking more coffee (I feel guilty now). 
What I'm looking forward to? Our gender sono next Tuesday! Then I can start buying! (more if it's a girl obviously... since Big Brother has lots to share if it's a boy!)
Big brother: He's still not 100% aware of baby's presence. He will pat my belly now and say, "Baby?" but how much does he really understand..? He is talking up a storm now, showing his 2 year old attitude, and giving me a hard time about naps. We got rid of papi (paci) a few weeks ago, and he's been a champ! We are trying to get him real interested in potty training, but he just isn't. Says, "Not yet!" :)
Dr. Appointment notes: Went last week, everything looked good. BP 100/60. Dr. R found the heartbeat on doppler, but baby was not still enough to even count it. (Don't worry, I listen often with my home-doppler.) :)

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  1. Looking good Momma! I was wondering when ya'll were finding out! Can't wait!


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