Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our first time!

Well, we bit the bullet and took Coco to Chuck-E-Cheese's the other day! He's a little young for most of the games but still had fun and loves to tell you what all he did there. "And I play slide! And I ride truck! And I eat pizza! And I have apple! (Apple soda to drink)" So cute. 

Couldn't reach pedals but pretended like he was driving! ("I racing Mama!")

I can see us going back :)

AFTER the fun pizza date, we took Cohen to get a haircut.. His hair was 100% in his eyeballs (see above) and 95% mullet status. :-/ 

We tried Cool Cuts 4Kids, this time, after bombing at Sharkey's a couple times and getting some sub-par cuts at Floyd's. 

I showed this chick, "Dee", pictures of exactly what I wanted, explained that we like his hair longer, and told her he does not take kindly to people cutting his hair. (Nor do I.)

She said, "Oh, the surfer style! I got that. No problem."

Cohen liked the fire truck seat. Was excited to watch Cars during the cut.

Things turned sour when she tried to put the hair cape thing on him. He flipped out. So nix the cape.

Tears came immediately after the first lock of hair landed on his arm. Kid doesn't like being dirty. 

Have you ever seen anything more sad? Poor baby wiping his tears. 

It took Hector and me holding him down to complete this cut. 

Final product:

Does that look like a SURFER style to you?! No, looks like your basic, run-of-mill, mushroom boy's cut. 

We had to have a fun bath when we got home to get rid of the itchy hairs on his skin. 

Blue water! Tons of bubbles! Yay!

Well, that's about the end of my saga. I hope his hair grows out quickly. 

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