Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Eve and Day

So, I live with Mr. Impatient.. ahem... Hector.. I made the mistake of wrapping his gifts and setting them out on Friday night. Then I worked on Saturday. So he was here all day with the gifts just teasing him. By the time I got home, at like 8pm, he was itching...aching.. to open them. Like, he was getting borderline mean when I told him to wait until morning. But alas, I couldn't hold him off any more.

We sat down to eat our spaghetti and he rushed through his just so he could open the gifts. Coco thought it was someone's birthday. :) I told him it was something he "wanted" and something he "needed".

And this was the "need"! 

An electric razor. He has to shave everyday for Booster, and he hates doing it, so I figured this would make it easier and less time consuming. Score, he loved it!

Some nice face products to go with razor!

Silly papa!

Pretty surprised!

"Coco we got a new game!" (Coco with a FULL mouth of spaghetti)

FIFA 13. He's been playing a demo for quite a while now. Poor baby. Well, now he has it. 

We sure are lucky to have Hector in our lives. I can't imagine a better daddy for Cohen. He plays for hours, reads to him at night, makes sure he's never hungry, changes diapers, helps with baths, teaches him to pray, disciplines him (when he needs it) and is generally awesome with him. It's wonderful to watch. He's so very excited for our next little boy, too. It's so sweet. I'm also reminded of what a wonderful husband he is, too. He is so good to be the main parent when I get home from work and am so tired. I'll play with and love on Cohen, but he will give the bath, make sure we're both fed and get us both to bed. :) He doesn't get upset that I'm pretty much too tired to do anything. He just does it. And I notice. I love you, Hector!

Then today, Father's Day, we had a lazy first part of the day. He went to a church service in Plano to do some YoungLife stuff, so Cohen and I stayed home to clean. We had company coming! Granna and Pop and Uncle Josh and Cortney were coming over around 2 or 3. Once Granna and Pop got here, we played and played, for what seemed like HOURS. Haha, this kid can wear out the most energetic adult. Then, at 5, we loaded up and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings, my dad's favorite wing place. It was yummy! We left stuffed! 

We came back to our apartment to hang out for a bit. (Josh and Cortney went home.) Granna wanted to see our pool, so we walked and Coco rode his tricycle to the pool. It was crowded. And that's an understatement. I like a sparsely populated pool. Cohen was just in his clothes. We were just going to look. 

This was ok. I was ok with this.

Then this happened. Granna is laughing.

So let's just wade out there.

 My Dad! Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you!

World's Best Granna and Pop! Love them so much!

We had a very nice day. So happy they were able to come and visit. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Your job is oh-so-important. Thank you for caring enough to do it well! 

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