Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Halfway Post!

Believe it or not, we are 20 weeks along today! I feel like it's just flying! I know it's busy summertime now, but geez. I'm really enjoying this stage.

So, I'd say he really popped out this week! Let me just show you 21 weeks with Cohen:

Yea. I'd say baby brother his showing his presence quite a bit quicker. :) (everyone recycles their maternity shirts, right?) :-/ *need more maternity shirts*

How big is baby? the size of Mango! What to Expect app says baby weighs 10 ounces and is about 6.5 inches from head to bottom and 10 inches from head to toe.
Weight gain/loss: 10 pounds total. Gained, that is.. :)
Sleep: Still not sleeping very well. I wake up around 8 with Cohen on days off, and feel the overwhelming need to take a nap by about 9:30. haha, not happening. But when I wake at 5am for work, I don't get tired. Weird.
Movement: Feeling this little boy a lot lately. I think I can feel big moves, like rolling now. It's wonderful!
Symptoms: The pregnancy rhinitis has eased up a lot this last week. (Thank goodness!) When I'm at work, my legs and back hurt a lot. No fun.  
Belly Button: Innie still! (with Coco, it never popped out!)
Food Cravings: Grilled cheese sandwiches! (had them twice this week!)
Gender: It's a BOY! We're so excited for Cohen to have a little brother. I was initially a tiny smidgeon disappointed when the tech said "boy", but got over it immediately and am getting very excited! No name yet!
What I miss? Sleeping on tummy (or good, at all), having occasional wine or margarita, drinking more coffee
What I'm looking forward to? I'm looking forward to our sono on July 8th, where we take a closer look at his heart. I feel pretty peaceful about it, so I'm just praying for the Lord's will! It helps when we remember that this is the Lord's child, entrusted to us.. we're just supposed to take the best possible care of His child. 
Big brother: Used the potty 4 times today! And had one accident, but that's ok! He's very concerned when we are at a store and he hears a baby cry. He says, "Mommy! That baby crying? Why cry??" He loves to go to the pool on these hot summer days. His gorgeous skin is getting nice and brown like daddy's. :) He and I are headed to spend the week with Granna and Pop on Sunday, while Daddy is at YoungLife camp!
Dr. Appointment notes: Last appointment was the anatomy scan. Everything looked good, except the heart position, which we're revisiting on July 8th. I'll also meet with Dr. R for a checkup. 

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