Thursday, May 9, 2013

Big News!

It's raining, it's pouring
The little one is snoring (only cuz of allergies)

So I thought I'd update my ol' blog. My last post was on 2/21. And guess what? I was 3 weeks pregnant on that day!

Yep, that's right! Baby #2 is scheduled to arrive in the first week of November!

Here was our big announcement! (at 13 weeks!)

-And a couple other contenders, too. Just love Coco's face in these!-

Are we shocked? Yes, a little. Are we surprised, though? Not one bit. You see, I had a Mirena placed after Cohen was born. (an IUD, for those not familiar with the name) I can't say that it didn't work, because we never got pregnant in two years. And it was nice almost never having a period.

But I seriously believe the Lord started working on my heart, on whether or not that was the right thing to do. It was literally keeping us from being open to the Lord's plan. It was our planning. Our selfishness. Some things that seemed to be pointing me towards removal of the Mirena were: seeing a couple friends at work have theirs migrate through the uterine wall, into the abdomen (requiring surgery to remove it) and reading a friends post on birth-control in general. Mirena's website states that it is thought to work in several ways that make the uterus uninhabitable to a fertilized egg. Thought to, meaning they're not quite sure. They also say it may prevent you from releasing eggs, but this is not it's design. This all shouts to me, "A sperm could get through, and could fertilize an egg, but ultimately be aborted because the conditions in the uterus are too hazardous to facilitate implantation." SO, I had it removed. I felt a huge peace about our decision.

Well, 3 weeks and 6 days later I took a home pregnancy test that was.. you guessed it! Positive! You know why I took a test? Because I had an interview that day, and the pants I'd bought a week earlier felt way too tight. Hehe. Bloating. I don't normally bloat, so I thought, "mehhh... I 'll take an old test I had leftover from God-knows-when." This was at like 5 am, because I hadn't been able to sleep and was up trying on interview clothes. Weird, I know. So, yes. Shocked when I saw those two pink lines. But not surprised, because when you open yourself up to the Lord's ultimate plan, you should not be surprised when He takes you on a journey you may not have chosen for yourself.

We had our first doctor's appointment on April 3rd. I was 8 weeks and 6 days along. This is what our itty bitty looked like:

Pretty typical froggy-looking baby. 

We saw the heart beating and it was 166 bpm. Praise the Lord! They told us everything looked great!

We opted to have the First Trimester Screening done (which involves an ultrasound and a blood test) to see the chances of the baby having any chromosomal abnormalities, in order to be better prepared to care for a baby born with any. So we did this at the next month's appointment. Look how we've grown!

Hand at the mouth! 

Our sweet baby was bouncing and flipping and spinning all over the place, so the sono tech asked, "Um, did y'all eat lunch on the way over here?" Of course we had.. our appointment was at 1pm! So, baby was very energized. This ultrasound just brought tears of joy to my eyes. Joy at the wonder of God's miracles! This was on April 30th, at 12 weeks and 5 days. The tech told us the baby was measuring at 13 w and 3 d! Big baby! :) 

Today I am 14 weeks! I feel great, except that I sometimes still get overwhelmingly tired! But I don't have the nausea and upset stomach that I had for the first 12 weeks! I am already experiencing lots of heartburn... another head full of hair? :) 

Gender dreams? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for a girl this time. But, that's just one side of my heart. The other side would love for Coco to have a little brother. So, only time will tell! We should find out in mid-June. 

More later!!

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