Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New toy!

After looking through my iPhoto pictures today, thinking about another Blurb book...
I was super saddened to see that I had taken hardly any pictures.
Cohen has been playing with our old point-and-shoot for about a year now. (My BAD!! I KNOW!) He thinks it's very funny to take videos of himself. And to zoom way in and take real unflattering pictures of mama. Not cute. But anyways. Now it pretty much takes blurry pictures and doesn't zoom well. I guess it's his now.

All that, to say this.. We invested in a nice camera today! Do we know exactly how to use it? No. We're working on it. Playing with settings, adjusting this, trying that.

I like how you can focus on something close (Coco's hand) while slightly blurring the background (Coco's face)

Even on "auto" mode, the pictures are 1000x better than our old digital camera! And for this, I'm excited, since I'm learning the other settings and will probably use auto for now!

I'm pretty pleased with this (Daddy took this one!). 

Oooh and look! There's Baby Miranda making an appearance! We find out gender tomorrow!!! 

New baby was a huge motivator in us getting the new camera. We took so many pictures of Cohen's first year. And now what? Instagram. Yea, that's about it. Which I'm thankful for, because I think we've caught a lot of great memories that way. But I also want the quality pictures I can print and keep for a lifetime. 

So, our anatomy scan is tomorrow at 1pm! Prayers appreciated! Can't wait to share with you if we're welcoming another sweet boy or a little princess!

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