Monday, November 28, 2011

Ten Months!

Cohen turned 10 months old on the 13th of November... um, that was 15 days ago. I really, really fell down on the monthly update and the Tonka picture.

Well, he is progressing nicely. :) Too fast, but nicely. I'm not gonna do the regular update since 11 months is right around the corner. He got his first tooth on Halloween! At ten months old, he's still not walking. He will stand alone, and stumble a step or two toward the couch or us. He cruises everywhere (walking by holding on to furniture) and crawls really fast. He still drinks formula, but he's on soy formula now. Because of a nasty stomach bug he got, his pedi recommended soy. And he likes it! And his stomach is cleared up! We figure we'll just keep him on the soy formula, rather than flip-flopping, since he'll start cow's milk after he turns one. (hallelujah!!) I don't make a whole lot of pureed food for him anymore, he eats chunks of chicken, turkey, banana, apple, carrot, broccoli, cheese and other things, without it being mushy. (hallelujah!!)

He's already in size 12 month clothes and jammies.  I didn't weigh or measure him. :( I promise hope I will get better.

Anyways, I was at work on Saturday (the 26th) and texted Hector and asked him to please take his Tonka picture, since it was 13 days late. I know, did I not learn from last time? Apparently not.

I got home and saw Cohen still in his sleep shirt.. and thought, "Surely he changed him earlier and got the pictures"... This was the best picture Daddy captured.

But, ya know? I kind of love it. I think it personifies exactly what happens in their time together. No one comes out of jammies, baby don't need no pants and one sock is always enough. :) There may be no sweeter time than Daddy-Coco time. 

Some of the runners-up?
always checking out the wheels!

coming to attack the camera, I'm sure...

flipping it back over after Daddy right sided it again, I bet!

I'm already working feverishly on his first birthday party.. and it's a month and a half away! Is it too early? OR panic time? I can't tell anymore. But it's going to be precious. 

Please know, that 11 months will be on time and a thorough update. Thanks so much for checking in!

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