Thursday, November 3, 2011

Painting with Pinterest

I decided to do a few crafting projects with Cohen for the fall season. One for us and the other, a gift. ;)

The first one, for us, is a Halloween project. I found this post on Pinterest a long time ago. It's a simple child's painting on black construction paper.

I decided to AMP it up and turn it into something that could hold interchangeable art. Here's what my Cohen made. 

Sweet little 9 month feet. 

5 different sizes of embroidering hoops
1 square of yellow felt
1/4 yard of black felt
white paint
black paint

Cut the felt to size, put into the hoops. Pour some paint onto paper plates. Smear those toes into the white paint. Carefully, and this part is tricky, place the ever-moving foot onto felt, make sure those toes get squished onto the felt. But try not to let the foot smear... or you lose the ghostly look! After dry, paint a dot of black for the eyes on each ghost. 

Next season, change out the art! 
Then we wanted to make some art for Granna and Pop!

I found this post on Pinterest around the same time as the other. 

Very simple, painted onto a blank, white {cheap} canvas from Hobby Lobby. Cohen presented his gift to Granna and Pop when we visited for an early fall party a few weeks ago in Paris. Here is ours.

Happy Fall!!

Cute right? Well, it was hard to get Cohen to straighten out his little fingers to make the hand print leaves. Real he didn't want to, at all. 

So, obviously, I painted the tree stem (stump?). Then we poured the various colors of paint onto paper plates. We then put Cohen's little fist into the paint and tried to make him paint and have fun. I seriously thought he'd love this. He kept his fist in a ball and we had to pry it open and move the canvas to his palm, over and over again. And he cried and kicked and screamed. But, we succeeded and got this great work of art. Granna and Pop were just giddy. :)

Thank you, Pinterest, for once again, revolutionizing this wanna-be crafter's life. 

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