Monday, June 27, 2011


I told you all I'd do Coco's five month update. Here it is. What? He's still 5 months old! 5 months, 2 weeks old.

I was at work the other day and I texted Hector and said, "PLEASE take Cohen's Tonka truck picture today!!! Put him in something cute and get him sitting up!" I gave him freedom other than those instructions.

THIS is what I come home to.

And the winner:

So daddy's idea of cute clothes... the pajamas he slept in the previous night. Nice. And it's wayyy too late in the 5th month to take a new picture. Oh well, the subject in the picture is still as cute as a button. 

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1 Month

I still can't believe how much he's changed! It makes me a little sad, how fast time is going. 

He can sit up on his own now. He may have not quite been doing this at 5 months, though. 
At 5 months:
Still not sleeping through the night. 
He is eating rice cereal in the mornings and oatmeal in the evenings. He takes 4-5 ounces at each feeding. He is breastfeeding less (mainly because I started making way less milk...) and eating formula more. He actually got dehydrated and had to go to the doctor. :( So, right at 5 months, I stopped breastfeeding. I prayed and prayed about it, because it was breaking my heart to stop breastfeeding him. But it was feeling more and more like a burden to increase my supply and I didn't want to feel like that. I was drinking the Mother's Milk tea, taking the Fenugreek, taking the Blessed Thistle, trying to pump after feedings, but it just wasn't increasing. Hector and I felt like we gave Cohen a lot of priceless nutrients in the 5 months that I did breastfeed him, so I sort of felt a little at ease about it. One thing, though, I hate washing bottles. Bad for me, because now we wash bottles all the time. We also went through a period of Cohen not eating...  we couldn't find any bottle he liked! We thought it was Avent, so I went and bought extras. Then he stopped eating from them. Then we thought it was Dr. Brown's, so I went out and bought extras. Then he stopped eating from them. Then we found out he liked Tommee Tippee. So I went out and bought extras. And he still likes them. Good news for us! And they have the fewest parts of any bottle out there! Bottle, nipple and ring! Best news! Ahhhh, enough about eating.

He's so cute with his toys now. He reaches for them all, and looks for more toys to grab. He laughs all the time. He's the most precious baby in the world. 

I get so sad looking at his newborn pictures, he was so tiny! Oh, by the way, he weighed 17 pounds at 5 months. Can you believe that?? I remember thinking, when I was making his 6 month appointment at the doctor, that's a long way away... July! But, it's like 2 weeks away now. :(

Things are going great here! Thanks for stopping by!

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