Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

This was Cohen's first Halloween and it was great! We were all set for him to be a monster, had (have) a very cute monster costume from Pottery Barn Kids. The only problem with the monster costume was that it was a size 2T. :( My Cohen is 9 months. I just wanted that darn costume so bad, I didn't care what size it was! Well, reality hit me when we tried to put him in it and it dragged the floor. :( SO, we decided to save it for next year. And we were spurred on in our decision when we saw the most adorable pirate costume clearanced at Babies R Us for $11.60. No joke. Three days before Halloween and it was clearanced! Sold!

So, after my third day of work on Sunday, we got together with our community group for a fun Halloween Party at the Ray's house! Hector and I had worked real hard on our costumes, and built it up... a lot. Then when we were in the bathroom putting on our costumes and getting Cohen into his, I started to worry that no one would get it.. :-/ But, we had to come out some time..

Anyone? Anyone? We're Jacob Black and Bella Swan from Twilight!!!

We thought we were so clever... And our friends in our group only got it after examining Hector's getup. Yea, yea. Someone thought I was J.Lo... I'll take that!

Here's an iPhone picture of us, posing.

So, yea. Jacob and Bella. (We had to do Jacob, rather than Edward, because of obvious skin issues.) ;)

Our sweet baby was a pirate!
He preferred to chew on his hook instead of wearing it on his hand. :) How cute is he??

Ranger was of course, a Texas Ranger. :)

The Allen's were Indians! (Native Americans?) and I forgot their made-up names...

And this is Farmer Tyler and his wife Sallie, with their precious cow, Maggie!

So we had fun, eating Halloween treats and playing Halloween charades. :) I didn't get a picture of Jackie and PK :( But Jackie was a red crayon and PK was a pilot!

The next day was real Halloween. That evening we dressed Cohen up in his pirate costume again and took him around to our friend's homes. 

Trick or Treat!!!

Cohen wasn't sure about Darcy dressed like a hot dog! :)

Trick or Treat! He actually thought he could have candy. :) So, he got some for mama.

It was a very sweet Halloween. Thanks for our community group for helping make it memorable!

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