Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall/Christmas Wreath

About a month ago I crafted a very cool wreath for fall. It ended up looking pretty Christmas-y, but, it's super cute!

Where did I get my idea? Pinterest! From Ellen's Creative Passage blog.

See? It's a little Christmas-y, but I'm glad now, because I can leave it out for longer than November!

So here's what you need:
grapevine wreath (Hobby Lobby)
wool felt (JoAnn's)
hot glue and gun
bowls of varying sizes
Pick your colors! Any colors! Match any decor!

Trace your circle.

Cut out your circle.

Spiral cut your circle. Stop when you have a small circle in the middlel As you practice and get better, you can vary the width of your spiral, depending on the type of rose you want.

Start with the outside point.

Begin rolling it up, making a flat bottom out of the edge the scissors touched.

Keep on rolling! Keep it tight and straighten as you go.

This is what it should look like.

Spread hot glue all over the rolled edges, like so.

Fold the leftover circle onto hot glue, making sure to cover all those edges.

Trim of the excess of that circle you just hot glued down.

Voila! How pretty! 

Then change up your bowls to make different sizes. Or, like I mentioned, cut a wider spiral. Even cut your spiral a little uneven to get a more "natural" looking rose. 

Once you finish as many as you want, lay them out on your grapevine wreath. Then, one at a time, hot glue them down. You can fill your wreath with way more, I chose to do an uneven look. Afterwards you can add bling if you want! The blog creator (who created this first) added some glittery snowflakes to her wreath after finishing it. 

Have fun!! Be creative!

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  1. Beautiful wreath! I need to change out my fall burlap roses.....maybe I will make these felt ones. So pretty! Thanks for the tutorial!


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