Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cohen update!!

So... as I sit here, this Wednesday night, I am 37 weeks and 5 days along. We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and we got to see our sweet boy on the sonogram. He has grown SO much!

Yesterday we were 37w4d and the sono measured Cohen at 37w2d. Based on a bunch of measurements the tech took, he is 7 pounds 5 ounces. Everything appeared to be perfect on him, but the tech did note that his kidneys looked a little dilated. Still within the normal range, but she said the doctor may want an ultrasound of him once he comes out. When I mentioned this to my doctor, she said it's really routine and not a huge deal. We'll see, keep that in your prayers please. My doctor checked my cervix, as is routine now, and we made NO progress from 2 weeks ago. :( I was extremely disappointed! Yes, we're still early, but it makes me feel good to know that I'm progressing!

However, I feel different now. My back is starting to hurt and I get occasional menstrual-like crampiness. I don't think I've had any contractions yet, but I have had a few other signs that I won't mention because they don't look very pretty on the pages of a public blog. ;)

And, apparently I've been nesting. Today, I needed to clean the apartment. Just had to. So we went from room to room dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, sinks and tubs... It made me pretty tired, but I feel much better knowing it's done. All of Cohen's clothes have been washed, his diaper bag is packed and ready with all his fresh new goodies for the hospital, his sheets are crisp and clean... And my bag is almost complete... Except for the things I'll throw in right before we leave.

Alas, here are his sonogram pictures (at least the ones that don't look too blurry!):
His precious face (profile)

Further proof that we're having a boy :)

And, he's looking right at us here, not sure exactly what's what... :)

And here's me... I don't think I can get ANY bigger...

We are so ready for this baby to get here, it's not even funny. I'm uncomfortable, Cohen's GOTTA be getting uncomfortable, and Hector doesn't like for me to be on Cohen!

Guess what? Next Friday is my LAST day to work! I'm soooooo excited to be able to take off 12 weeks to bond with my little boy and be with Hector. It'll be such a sweet time, and I'm sure it will go by real, real fast. :) But, I'm still excited!

Well, I'll keep you all posted if you all will cross your fingers that something will happen soon.. :)

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  1. You look great! And like I said- I am so excited for you! He'll be here before you know it!


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