Sunday, December 12, 2010

35 Weeks!

There isn't much much to update this week... If Cohen were born now, he wouldn't go to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for his age!! That's not to say he couldn't go for some other reason.. but not for dates. :) We're praying nothing will hold him up at all once he gets here. That we'll stay our 48 hours and GO HOME WITH HIM!

He's been moving his feet from the left side to the right side a lot lately. He'll kick and kick and kick my liver then move over to the other side and kick and stretch into my ribs. It's neat when I can feel his little feet actually protruding from my abdomen, around my ribs. He will stick them out (and that hurts!) so I will push them back in! :) I'm guessing he's going to be pretty long. At our appointment on Tuesday our doctor guessed he's about 6 pounds already. She said they usually gain around a 1/4 pound per week here at the end. So that puts him at just over 7 pounds for delivery. I'd love that! Hey.. if he's healthy, then let him be small! :) Watch him be 8 1/2 pounds, like I was.. :) I will love him no matter what!

We have another doctor's appointment this Tuesday. I go weekly now, but not the week of Christmas, since we'll be in Paris. This week she'll start "checking" me... :-/ You know, to see if I've started dilating or anything. I'm a little nervous about that. Hopefully everything will be A-OK.

We seem to have everything together that we need at home... The car seat is in the car (you never know!), the crib is made with fresh sheets, the diapers are set out by the changing pad, the clothes have been washed and arranged by size, the pack-n-play is set up in our room for his first weeks, the bouncy seat has batteries in it and the stroller is folded up down in the living room. I have my hospital bag partially packed, most of it can't be packed ahead of time. We still want some aromatherapy for the delivery/postpartum room... We are working on our playlist for the delivery room. And we still need to purchase my breast pump. We're thinking after Christmas. Maybe with some Christmas cash and coupons?? Those things aren't cheap! What are we missing? Mental preparedness? We think we've got that, too. But, advice is welcome!


  1. On the pump... feel free to wait until after Christmas, you pretty much want to wait a few weeks to start using it, because when your milk is still coming in and setting it's amount, you don't want to be pumping and then be engorged all the time! but it is nice to have if you are having supply issues. If he does end up in the NICU for any reason, they have pumps you can use! (You probably already know that though!)

    Sounds like you are prepared!!

  2. I worry about all of that kicking! Eli moves ALL THE TIME which is wonderful now but I fear for my organs in a couple of months. :) You look awesome! Unfortunately, I have gained most of my baby weight in my face and butt. :(


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