Monday, December 6, 2010

34 Weeks!

We made it to 34 weeks! Not that I didn't think we would, but wow.. so soon? :)

I'm beginning to feel a little...huge and uncomfortable. :-/

Some symptoms I experience now:
-Worsening reflux
-Increased need for sleep (and increased ability to get it--Thank goodness!)
-Increasing frequency in trips to the restroom
-Serious, sometimes debilitating pain in my hips...friends tell me this is more of the round ligament pain.. where my hips are widening and loosening to prepare for the passage of a pretty large baby.. Anyways, this pain stops me in my tracks sometimes or cramps up when I sit for too long.
-Occasional swelling of toes, feet and ankles (it's just pretty, let me tell ya)
-Actual pain when I bend over to get something (must remember to squat rather than bend!)
-Light-headedness when moving quickly, brushing teeth, or coughing/sneezing

So, these are all kind of negative symptoms... :-/

Cohen is getting pretty big. :) I mean, I think he is. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Our next sonogram is not until December 27th (we'll be 37.5 weeks) and they'll tell us approximately how big he is. I have transitioned into solid maternity shirts at work, as opposed to scrub tops. I just wear my same scrub bottoms, but with the drawstring completely un-cinched, and the waistline resting just below my protruding belly.

Cohen moves a lot, still. His feet are up underneath my right ribs, his bottom is below my left ribs and his head is where it needs to be. :) So, needless to say, my right ribs are constantly hurting. He must be long. My dad and brother are both very tall. Cohen also gets the hiccups more often now. Not sure why that is, but it is sometimes several times a day! His most active periods are at night.

We ordered his stroller and car seat a week ago... since realistically, he could be here at any time now! But we need him to stay inside until after January 4th! (it's my one year anniversary at work, and also the date I must surpass in order to take off 12, rather than 6, weeks to be with Cohen) So, yesterday, December 5th was a little crazy for me.. I just couldn't help thinking, in one month it won't just be me and Hector any more! It will be me, Hector and Cohen! How awesome is that?! One full month left!! Anyways, we got the stroller today and the car seat should be here tomorrow! We love the stroller! It's really cute and boyish, I think. But don't judge me if we use it for a girl, somewhere down the line. :) I guess it's really neutral--it's gray, tan and red. Anyways, I pushed it around the apartment, imagining him in it.. I can't wait!

Hector bought me my diaper bag a couple weeks ago--I absolutely love this bag. It's so chic and pretty. Doesn't look like a baby bag, but like a trendy, over sized tote. This is a picture from the website, not from me.
Ohhhh.... I love it! It also comes with a matching changing pad! I want to put diapers, wipes, onesies and bottles in it and set it by the door! I want to be ready! Thanks Hector, for finding it for me!

Here are my 34 week belly photos!
Bare belly! I'm still putting Bio-Oil on after every shower and cocoa butter lotion whenever it feels itchy.
Very obvious from the front now!

We love this sweet boy and can't wait to meet him in a month! <3

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