Sunday, December 26, 2010

Busy times!

It's been a busy couple of weeks, since I last posted.

Christmas came and went.

Work has been keeping me busy.

Week 36 - gone.. now in the middle of Week 37.

At our 36 wk appointment, our doctor said that Little Cohen is still about 6 pounds she thinks. But, that is also just her feeling around my abdomen with her hands. :) She checked me for labor progress and I was dilated to 1cm, 50% effaced and Cohen was at -3 station. These are all good indications for labor, except that some women are dilated to a 1 for a month before baby comes. :-\ We go in on Tuesday to get our last sonogram and get re-checked. I really, really feel like he has moved down even further. I feel so much pressure all the time, especially when sitting or rising. I wouldn't be surprised if I've dilated a little more. I'm still pretty really uncomfortable. Sleep is next to impossible. I definitely wake up every 3 or so hours, when I finally do fall asleep. I hear this is God's way of preparing me for the night time feedings we'll soon be facing. :) And something in my abdomen near my ribs (gallbladder?) is so sensitive and tender.. He just won't give it a rest! I'm a little short of breath a lot of the time. Reflux is worse-not just when I lay down now. Ugh. BUT, we are getting so stinkin' excited to meet our little boy! I just can't wait to see his face, his hair (which I imagine he has a ton of!), his fingers and toes... :) I want to see who he looks like, what features he got and from who. I have a feeling he's going to look just like a baby Hector. And I love that. :) So, I'll let you know what our doctor says on Tuesday! Fingers crossed, everybody!

Christmas was wonderful. Well, fake Christmas was wonderful. We went to Paris the week of Christmas, on Monday. We had a great dinner with the Hubbard's on Monday night at my parent's house. Tuesday we just hung around the house and Hector and I made our tortilla soup for the family. Wednesday I had lunch with my friends Gina and Tara (my wedding photographer!) at TaMolly's. I finally got to meet Miss Briley, who I went to visit two days after her birth exactly one year ago! Wednesday night we had Christmas at my Grandmother Ivy's house. :) Thursday we went to the Shouse's to have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and gift exchange, followed by a fun game of Uno Attack. And Charlie drove Hector, her boyfriend Walker and me through a nice neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. I can't believe she's driving!! Thursday was our Christmas Eve, and Friday morning we did Christmas morning presents with Mom and Dad. We got some great gifts and everyone loved what we gifted them. It was such a great morning. Hector and I came home around 11 am, since I had to work that night. I feel really bad because I didn't take any pictures the whole week. I just didn't feel up to it. So tired and uncomfortable. But I feel like I failed my blog. Who knows when I'll be pregnant again around Christmastime? Sigh.. woulda-coulda-shoulda...

Then I worked Christmas Eve, Christmas night and now tonight. I've been a little bitter about being here, but I'm trying to be positive for the babies. This is their first Christmas and I need to be sweet to them and take exceptional care of them while they're here. But I'm really looking forward to a couple days off before I work New Year's.

So, that's where we are. :) Hector's doing great, being very sweet to me-cooking, cleaning and rubbing my legs. I love him. :)

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  1. You, Emily Miranda, are just so stinkin cute.

    That's all :-)


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