Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving and the week of...

Not sure how I went so long with a new post... Just got busy, I guess!

Thanksgiving came and went, and it was wonderful! Or should I say delicious? We started the week with ice skating in lieu of YL Club on Monday night.
I am in love with this face... :)

Maggie, Sallie, Callie and me :)

The next night, Tuesday, my Mom, Dad and brother came over to shop and take Hector out to eat for his birthday. We went to Cozymel's in Grapevine. We'd never been before and the food was quite good!
My wonderful Mom and Dad!
Josh, me and Hector
Happy [early] Birthday to my sweet husband!!

The next day, Wednesday, we had a great visit from my good friend Deanna and her fiance Chris! We ogled over the baby's room, ate at Chili's, meandered through Ikea and splurged on gelatto at Paciugo! It was such a nice day!

Then, Thursday came. We chose to stay here for Thanksgiving this year. A couple reasons... we've been real busy lately and wanted to stay home for a bit, I had to work the next day (an actual day shift, too!) and two of our friends also weren't going home for Thanksgiving. So we decided to cook and make it fabulous with David and Callie Brannen. And. It. Was. Here's a glimpse of our feast:

My husband's Barefoot Contessa recreation--Roasted Turkey Roulade... Delicious!!!
(Ina's.. I think ours looks better?) :)
Creamed corn
Mashed sweet potatoes with apples!
Crock pot mashed potatoes
Callie's broccoli casserole!
Ginger apple crisp, for dessert!

Our happy Thanksgiving! (Thank you camera timer!)

Then on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I worked a whirlwind of 3 day shifts. It was weird.. a totally different atmosphere than nights.

Sunday was Hector's real birthday, so Callie and David had our group over for soup and a little celebration of my sweetheart. :) I stopped and got a surprise cake for him on my way home from work.
Yes, I squeezed 24 colored-flame candles onto this 1/4 sheet cake, with 6 soccer players and two goals. :) I am crafty like that.
Happy [real] Birthday honey!!

It was a busy, wonderful week. And now we're smack in the middle of a 5 day stretch of off-days for me! We've been sleeping in, watching Christmas movies, finishing our Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, cleaning house, working on Cohen's room.. so many things we hadn't had time for. Last night I had a baby shower from work friends and tonight I have one with my sweet Foundation Group girls. And my Mom's coming in for tonight's!! After I get pictures from tonight, I plan on doing a big blog of just baby showers, so be ready for that. I have been so blessed! This sweet baby will have everything he could possibly ever need (at least for the first 9-12 months of his life!). 

Thanks for checking in on us, we ARE still here. ;) On Friday, when we turn 34 weeks, I'll do a baby update. We're getting quite large. But know that all is well in the baby department! And if you're interested in any of the recipes from the above photos, let me know. I took pictures of the making of all of it, but thought that would ridiculously, unnecessarily lengthen this already wordy post. :)

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  1. Your Thanksgiving looked fantastic! We decided to not go home and invite friends over for Thanksgiving as well. I really enjoyed it being small and less crazy.


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