Thursday, December 2, 2010

Showers of Love for Little Cohen :)

As I work in Cohen's nursery, putting away tiny socks and cute onesies, arranging diapers by size, and folding blankets... I can't help but get emotional. Almost all these things were given to us by our dear, sweet friends at one shower or another. We were blessed to be honored at 4 different baby showers. I am nearly brought to tears at how wonderfully thoughtful the people who threw them for me are. All the planning, delegating, preparing, cooking, shopping, decorating... countless hours of work that went into making each of my showers a roaring success. I am in the process of making a photo book with all of the showers, but for now, here is a short photo journey of each of them.

First Shower - By Natalie Buxton and Jaclyn Konich, November 13, 2010
Natalie's hand-crafted banner
Yummmy cupcakes!
Onesie decorating station!
All the pretty gifts!
Diaper cake!
The hostesses and me!
They made comfort foods, since that has been my only "craving"--baked potato bites, macaroni-and-cheese, bacon-wrapped sausages..mmmm! We decorated onesies for Cohen, played Baby Pictionary, signed a frame for my sweetheart and of course opened gifts! My awesome college friends were in attendance, as well as some of my Mom's sisters and my cousins. It was a fantastic shower, and we received so many wonderful gifts!

Second Shower - By Mallory Holladay and other ladies, November 14, 2010
The precious cake-modeled after his bedding!
We ate taco and tortilla soups!
Mallory, Deanna, me and Charlie-playing games!
Opening tons of presents from the Mt. Olive guests!
The hostesses and me!
This was a shower at my old church in Paris (Mt. Olive) put on by Mallory, Darlene, Sherry, Savannah, Piper and Jennifer. So many people turned out and even a lot of my extended family. The soups were amazing, the cake was adorable, the games were super cute and funny, and again, we received so many things for Cohen--clothes, bath necessities, toys, diapers.. It was so great seeing all my friends there that I don't see very often!

Third Shower - By Leslie Pate, November 30, 2010
Leslie's hand-made banner!
The adorable cakes made by Leslie's friend!
Leslie knew exactly how round my tummy was!
Guests made scrapbook pages for Cohen's scrapbook!
The beautiful NICU girls! :)
Leslie and I were best friends in nursing school, then we both ended up in the NICU. :) It is a joy working with Leslie (and all these girls!). She wanted to throw me a little work shower--and boy did she! It was such a sweet/perfect shower. She made the Cohen banner, got a custom-made cake with giraffes, had a scrapbook page-making station, tons of delicious foods and so much more. Lots of sweet nurses from the NICU couldn't make it but contributed money to Leslie, and she was able to buy so many things from our registries that we really wanted/needed for the baby. Such a wonderful evening with sweet friends! 

Fourth Shower - By Foundation Group girlfriends, December 1, 2010
Diaper cake by Lisa Whann!! (and cookies with his name on them!)
My sweet Mom came in for this one!
They tried to guess how round my tummy was (Mom won!).
Sweet, personal gifts were given!
The most wonderful, supportive group of women I know. :)
This shower was made up of the wives of all of us couples in our Foundation Group from Watermark Community Church. They've become some of my dearest friends over this past year. We had the shower at Lisa Whann's home, she and her husband Tyler lead our group. The decor was precious, the sweets--to die for (cupcakes, cake bites and Cohen-cookies!), the prayer so meaningful, the advice was priceless and the company--the best part of all. These girls gave such sweet gifts and threw in boxes of diapers as well! I am so thankful to be a part of this phenomenal group of women.

See why I get emotional? I am so touched that all these people love this baby already. I can't imagine how it will be when he's actually here. Thank you, a million times, to every one who helped and contributed! We love you so much!

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