Sunday, June 27, 2010

Krista and Gregory's beautiful wedding

My dear, sweet friend from nursing school, Krista Barnhart tied the knot this Saturday with her best friend Gregory Peters. It was such a pretty ceremony, with wonderful music and singing. The best part? Krista SANG while walking down the aisle, to Greg! She started her song ("When You Say You Love Me" by my favorite Josh Groban) outside in the foyer, before the doors opened. He was totally surprised and was looking around for her... it was so cute! Then at a really powerful, passionate moment, the doors swung open and Krista walked through singing to her love, on her way to marry him. I get chills just thinking about it! I knew my friend could sing, but had never heard her! WOW! :)
Krista and Gregory are just adorable together and I'm so happy they're staying in Dallas! Krista actually works at Parkland, like me, but not in the NNICU. She's somewhere in the SICU.. I don't even know what floor it's on! haha, it's a big hospital! Here are some pictures from their beautiful day!

And the other girl in the pictures is Miss Leslie Pate! We were quite the trio in nursing school! She was a bridesmaid in Krista's wedding. She looked soo pretty!! Leslie and I work together in the NNICU! I was so happy at this wedding! The message was great (one to be remembered), the music was wonderful, the food was delicious (made by the church ladies, I think!) and the happy memories were being made!

Congrats Gregory and Krista!! I wish you a lifetime of happiness in marriage!

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