Sunday, June 27, 2010

Granna and Pop

At our hotel, something really sweet happened. My Mom gave Hector and me two wrapped gifts and a card, with instructions to open the card first. (sound familiar?) ;) We opened the card and found this:

And the gifts were:

So :) they've decided on their nicknames, apparently! Dad joked that Mom really wanted to be called "Duchess" so it wouldn't sound "old" or "grandmotherly" but she settled on Granna. And Dad chose Pop, which I really like. I think it suits him! :)

Girl, girl, girl!!

Mom thinks it's a boy for some reason..

We're so happy they're happy!!! :) :) :) (and that IS Dad's camera smile, btw!)

1 comment:

  1. How sweet!! I love that! And I haven't decided on my guess yet! You my early screen they did a level II sono and my dr 'guessed' with 97% accuracy (at least that's what he said) that it was a girl and it was! So you could maybe even find out in a few weeks?

    So so happy for you!


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