Thursday, June 24, 2010


Mrs. Ray had the wonderful idea for us to have brinner (breakfast for dinner) in lieu of a real dinner on Wednesday night. So those of us that could make it (Me, Preston & Brittany, and PK & Jackie) got together at 7:30 at the Ray's apartment. PK was busy in the kitchen scramblin' up the eggs, fyin' up the bacon and sausage (my FAVORITE) and bakin' up the biscuits rolls, he called them. :) They drank mimosas and I had juice, milk and water. Milk is ALWAYS on my menu. And I brought bagels and cream cheeses!

Preston got creative and made McSandwiches


It was delicious :) All of it. I brought home the bagels and had two for breakfast today.. and honestly? I could've had three.

I haven't been putting my monthly pics on here.. because.. well.. they don't look different at all. :) But I'll put them, because I probably won't look this size for too much longer..

1 month

2 months

So, as you can see, not much has changed. We'll see if I look any different in 2 more weeks at my 3 month picture.

Hector is still gone.. haven't talked to him in over 48 hours. So.. who knows how he's doing. 

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