Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lonely, Lonely Home

Hector left this past Saturday for camp at Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, CO. It has been so lonely here without him! I just stare at the spot on the couch where he should be. :( And, I have a really tough time falling asleep, though you'd think a break from the snoring would be a God-send... It's just disturbingly quiet now.

BUT, he's having a great time. He called me yesterday, after he hiked up a mountain to get a signal. He'll be back on Sunday, I keep telling myself. I'll be fine, I'm just bored and lonely.

Yesterday I sent him a care package with his favorite snacks, cards, water guns, silly string and allergy medicine. I hope it gets there before he leaves.. Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday. The lady at the post office swore 3 days!

I didn't really want to get out of bed today. #1, I didn't sleep well last night.. #2, I felt a headache coming.. #3, I felt a little weak and queasy. I read somewhere that in the 9th week of pregnancy your hCG levels are at their peak, so, likewise, is nausea. I guess since I haven't really been nauseous too much, this is a lot for me. Nowadays, when I feel my lower abdomen with my hands, I can feel that it is a little firmer... I like to think I can actually feel the enlarging uterus that, once a bit smaller than my fist, is now larger than a tennis ball! It is so amazing!

Tonight, Miss Brittany is picking me up and taking me to the airport where I will pick up the Brannen's car that they are so kindly allowing Hector to use for a month or so. The Brannen's left today for Hawaii for, ahem, an entire month.. What an amazing vacation! We hope they have a ton of fun and really relax on the beach! And I'm so thankful for Brittany! I had NO clue how to get that car from there to here without leaving another car stranded somewhere.. Thank you so much Brittany!

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