Wednesday, July 7, 2010

!!SPOILER ALERT!! Long venting post!

It has accidentally been a while since I last blogged... nearly two weeks! Perhaps it's because I haven't done much but work.. Seriously, I worked 60 hours last week.

But, we haven't been up to much. Hector still leaves me here every morning by like 7:30 and I don't see him again until after 6. It's really boring here. I. can. not. wait. to. move. It's really a huge struggle for me, this movie he's helping with. It's volunteer, all day, every day and that's not at all what I had in mind, when he signed up for this. It is the whole summer. They are 2.5 weeks into 6 weeks of filming. Possibly 7 weeks, they joke.Well, that's not funny. It's just hard that there is something so big in his life that I am not a part of. Selfish? Yea, maybe. But he talks about the actors and crew incessantly, and I just don't know these people. He barely has time to call me and has to keep his phone off. I just keep thinking.. I'm pregnant, what if (God forbid) there is any type of emergency? He wouldn't know until after the fact! Again, selfish.. I KNOW. I want to change, I do! Because I know this movie is going to be a great witness to the world... hopefully reaching audiences who wouldn't normally hear about Jesus. And I'm so proud of Hector for being such an important part of this huge production. Lord, just grant me patience and understanding..please!? One of my friend's moms used to say (when talking about your relationship with your husband..boyfriend..etc) "Just remember, always be a blessing to him." And I'm failing miserably in this department, with this film. I probably make him feel guilty for doing anything. Hector is his own person also, and he deserves to do something that makes him happy. And this truly does. So, if you remember, say a little prayer for me--that I would be happy for him, understanding of the demands on him and supportive of his dreams. Oh, and a little less selfish! :)

Our one year anniversary is FAST approaching!! July 25th! I got to thinking, we need to do something together. We didn't go on a honeymoon after our wedding and now we have a baby on the way. This will be our last anniversary alone for the rest of our lives. But we're OK with that. ;) The big day falls on a Sunday, two and a half weeks from today. We've decided to stay at Holly Lake Ranch in a condo for a couple nights. It's a really nice lake resort.. small but serene. My Aunt and Uncle live out there and are helping us get our reservations sorted out. By this Friday, our plans should be final. We will go on Friday evening and stay until Sunday. On Saturday, I'm planning a day trip to Jefferson, Tx. We can shop, go site-seeing and have a nice dinner there. I'm very excited about our little getaway. We haven't ever gone anywhere together, alone. It will be such a nice little vacation to spend with each other. I'll have to figure out how to get our cake over there in one piece.. :) Hector has been wanting to eat it since about March. YOU try fighting off a hungry man from a perfectly good cake sitting in the freezer!

And when we get back, it'll be time to move! Right smack in the middle of my 60 hour week.. poor planning, I know. We were excited when we set that date and didn't think to look at my schedule. Oh, and I have a serious case of House Fever. It literally pains me to think that we are getting another apartment. I'm sick and tired to death of paying rent and coming out with NOTHING. I've been watching House Hunters and Property Virgins a lot lately and have even found houses in Plano that we LOVE. Somebody please talk me down from this, because it would be pretty hard (however wonderful for our things, our future and our BABY) for us to get a house right now. But I'm telling you right now, I won't like you when you tell me and I won't agree with your reasoning. ;)

Health and baby, you ask? Welllll.. :) I'll start with health (which means headaches). I am currently 16 days post my last Tylenol fix. Did you hear me?!? The girl who took Excedrin every day for the last decade, up until that day in May when we found out we were pregnant, when I switched to the aspirin-free Tylenol. The neurologist said my headaches are from medication over-use.. believe that?? I suppose my blood level of acetaminophen just drops to sub-therapeutic levels overnight and I experience rebound headache pain. Are you telling me I caused this? Sir, I just don't like living with headaches! Regardless, I'm trying to be healthier for me and baby, so I nixed the Tylenol habit. I still get headaches, but I think they are from sleep deprivation now, since I simply cannot sleep at night when I'm off anymore. And they are less frequent. Hopefully we're on the right track now. We'll see.

Little Bambino(a?!) is doing fine, as far as I can tell. :) I'm so excited, we have our next sonogram in 5 days, on Monday. It is the sonogram to screen for risk of Down syndrome. But we just want a glimpse of our little one! Confession: I threw up last Tuesday. :( I can't decide if it was baby or the food I made that did the trick, but either way, I lost it. A single, isolated event of vomiting? I'll take it! In two days I'll be 13 full weeks! That means, HELLO 2nd Trimester! EEEK, time is flying a little bit! Baby is the size of a peach right now (3 inches long) and, from what I read, can hear our voices! So Hector has been talking to him/her lately! Mainly telling him/her to make me be nicer to him by giving me a little kick when he/she hears me being sassy (Hector's word..) to him. Umm, can you say hormones? I cried yesterday when watching Look Who's Talking Too, the part at the end where Mikey is apologizing to Julie for being a jealous big brother. Seriously? Sheeeesh..

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  1. Oh, this just reminds me of how much I miss you!


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