Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rangers with the family

We went to a Ranger game with my Mom, Dad and brother. Lots of fun, minus the constant drizzling rain.. But after the rain, it was great! Except that we lost.. :( The fireworks after the game, however, were SPECTACULAR!! The show was set to Michael Jackson songs.. pretty neat!


Drama!! :)
Mom and Dad (after the rain) :) They were on the Kiss Cam!
Me and Hector (times like this, I realize just how white I am..)
I'll just put one picture of fireworks.. because.. we've ALL seen fireworks :)

I really love baseball games... The way the vendors walk around selling snacks, the way the whole crowd (thousands of people) stand together and sing the National Anthem, the way fans (my Dad included) bring baseball gloves to catch foul balls (to save the women and children, my Dad claims), the way the entire stadium participates in "the wave" and many other reasons. I can't wait to take my child to see baseball (and other sports) games. It will be so fun to start that tradition with our little one!

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  1. I remember around this time last year that we went to a ranger game after your wedding shower, and we walked all over the stadium trying to find frozen margaritas!!! guess you couldn't do that this year!!! haha!! (;


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