Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wild at Heart

I'm reading Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge. I heard a long time ago that it's a good read to help you better understand the heart of your husband or son. 

I'm just one chapter in and it's already very enlightening and insightful. 

A couple things I've already taken from it:

1. A man isn't always "at home" when he's at home. They long to be outside. To be getting dirty, to be competing, to be sweating. As women, we struggle to understand why our husbands would rather play paintball, go hunting or swing a golf club/baseball bat/tennis racket/[insert various sports equipment here] than be at home with us and/or the kids. They aren't homebodies like we tend to be.

2. Boys will be boys. I tend to worry a little about Cohen. He's very active, very busy, very.... destructive? Yea, that's the right word. He likes to take things he isn't supposed to and throw them onto the tile because it makes a loud noise. He likes to push all the furniture around. He likes to bang. He likes to yell. He's much crazier than all of our little girlfriends. And I can see now, that it's in his hardwiring to be that way. He needs more stimulation, more running around time, more time spent being boyish! John, the author, made a good point about the way little boys play. They don't play with dolls, or kittens (or.. what do little girls play with??). They play with cowboys, balls, and yes, guns. I know we've all heard recently in the media, how bad it is for children to play with guns and weapons. Now, I'm not advocating for kids to handle real guns/weapons or saying that bloodshed/shootem-up video games are healthy. I just finally see that it is in their nature to be rambunctious. In the Bible, boys/men were raised to be warriors for God. It's natural that they want to fight and compete. As long as they're doing it in a safe/constructive way. 

I can't wait to see what else is revealed to me in this book. I'll share it with you as I continue. Thanks for reading! 

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