Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Comes the Bride!

I am SO SO excited for my sweet college friend, Mindy! She has met her soul mate and is marrying him this summer! Mindy is the most beautiful, friendly and caring person you'll ever meet. Mark is one lucky guy! Our friend Natalie threw her a bridal shower a couple weeks ago. It was PERFECT. Natalie is the best when it comes to parties/showers. She did a spring citrus theme. She had it nailed, guys.. down to the lemon scented wall flowers she had smelling up her house!

(Mindy loves Shiner, ok?)

Natalie MADE these. Enough said. I use mine daily. :)

My first plate. Yes, there were more.

The Loot!

JACLYN, of all people, made a towel cake! :) 

 What's a Bridal Shower without a friendly game of Tissue Paper Wedding Gown???
Jam, Em, Jac=Unstoppable.

I know what you're thinking.. Rosettes?? Yes. We did them.

Our masterpiece.

Natty in her gown!

Why should we have won? Ours had a REMOVABLE TRAIN for the dance party!

The actual winner. (Mindy's mother was on this team... rigged? I think so.)

The models.

She does. (p.s. That's Mindy's sister, couldn't they be twins??)

The bride and me!

My Cohen came to visit afterwards! He shook an empty can of puffs onto his head. He doesn't have baby dandruff.

What a party! Her wedding is just about 2 1/2 months away, I can't wait to travel to SOUTH TEXAS for it! 

Congrats Mindy and Mark! <3

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