Friday, March 23, 2012

WHERE have I been??

Geez, it's been 15 days since my last post! I don't have a very good reason for it either. And I'm actually writing this from work. Just finished feeding my two peanuts. :)

I guess I'll just update you all a bit..

We are completely settled into our new apartment. We love it! I know I've posted pictures of Cohen's room, but I have big plans of putting up pictures of the rest of it. :) We have spread out. Sometimes we're like, "Where's Cohen?" Only to hear his popping hippopotamus toy go off in his room a second later!

Cohen. My sweet, sweet Coco nut. He is all over the place. He's trying to run a little, but falls pretty quick. He mainly gets in his running practice when he has contraband items and is trying to get out of our reach. He's trying to do a little talking.. He will say "na-na" for banana. He has said "ah-wah" (agua=water) on occasion. He does sign language for "milk". And of course "mama" and "dada". But that's it in the word department. He has recently started saying a couple letters. We have sang him the ABC's since he was very little. He's always loved it, and when we sing "Now Coco know's his ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?" he always says, "Dahh!" Which has recently started to sound more like "Yeah!" It's terribly cute. Anyways, now he will go "A!   A!   D!   E!   E!" And I can get him to say "C" by having him sound it out ("ssss...ssss....ssss....C!"). He loves to dance, to anything! Commercials, songs, Caillou... :) He has 6 teeth, four on top, two on bottom. His favorite movie is still Tangled, but he's starting to like Ice Age and Happy Feet (because there's dancing--duh!). Oh, by the way, he's 14 months 10 days old. We think he probably weighs 25 pounds. We'll see in April at his 15 mo. check up.
He loves all foods and drinks. All of them. Perhaps this is why he weighs 25 pounds. :) He regularly goes into the pantry and brings out food. Or gets juice out of the refrigerator. We think he must be going through a growth spurt right now, because he eats constantly. It's like you can not fill him up. Hopefully his doctor will have some insight to that!
When he see's cows he goes, "Mmmmm". His granna sent me a video she took of their cows mooing so I could show it to him every now and then. After he sees it, he will keep handing me my phone, saying, "Mmmm." Speaking of phones, he walks around with our phones pinned to his ear and says, "Hi! Hi!" over and over again. (I forgot about that word).

The rest of us? Let's see..

We played TopGolf in Allen a couple weeks ago and had a BLAST. We can't wait to go back.

We're trying to eat more fresh veggies and fruits. So far it's going well, the only one I haven't like one bit was brussel sprouts. Anyone have a good recipe for them? My favorite has been roasted green beans with parmesan cheese! MMMM!

Ok, so this is a mini-update. Just didn't want you to think I'd quit! But I have to go stock my drawers. :) More later!

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