Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quick Paris Trip

During Spring break week, we went to Paris for one day/night. We were having a family get together, complete with grilling, cupcake making, golf cart rides, fishing, and a golf ball game that is not golf.

Clarification: I did not fish. My dad, my brother, his girlfriend and her two littles, Jesse and Reese fished. I watched. And chased Cohen.

I have gotten into a terrible habit of not taking pictures at, well.. anything these days. I'm going to try and be better. Starting tonight, at our good friend Patrick's birthday party! TWENT-FII-EVE!

YUM Cupcakes!

This game! What's it called?

Ever seen a cuter toddler? I haven't.

I just DIE when I look at this picture!

Thank you Lord for giving us this little person to raise!

[iPhone] Hubby and I on the golf cart!

[iPhone] Cohen riding on the very toy tractor that his mama used to play on!

[iPhone] My favorite girl with my favorite boy!

[iPhone] My sweet Charlie.. Growing up WAY too fast. :)

I managed to not get any picture of Josh, Cortney, Jesse, Reese, Granna or Pop. I stink. :( Next time?
Thanks for having us Mom!

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