Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dia de Parque

Now I  know everyone isn't bilingual like me (ha!), so the title means "Park Day". :) I had to ask Hector if that was correct before hitting 'post'. 

Anyways, unless you live under a rock, or not in North Texas, you saw what a gorgeous week we had last week. We took major advantage of that last Thursday by hitting up not one, but TWO parks near our home. I got my first sunburn tan of the year! 

Daddy and Coco walking around. I love when they walk like this!

I got blessed with a child who loves to swing! 

He kept keeping his mouth tightly shut and trying not to laugh.. goofy, I know. 

He cracked.. :)

It was warm, people. 

We are SO ready for some Texas Rangers, by the way.. 

Playing soccer with Daddy.

That little guy was 18 months old and was bilingual.. his mama said "Quieres agua?" (do you want water?) and he said "Agua" (water). Smart!

We took a snack break in the stroller and walked the trails a bit. 

Next stop, a park literally one minute from our apartment. He tried to climb up the slide, but still doesn't get going down it.

And he swung next to this little girl. 

What a fun day! This week has been a little busy (and now cold!?) so we haven't made it to a park. Hopefully spring break will be nice and warm. 

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