Thursday, March 1, 2012

5th Annual Buxton Oscar Party

Last Sunday was the Oscars, as you all know. It has become a great tradition for us college friends to get together every year and have a fancy soiree to watch the Oscars. Well, Natalie and Ry outdid themselves this year! As they do every year.. (Can't wait to see 2013!!?) I managed to take a few pictures of her amazing spread, even though we were late, as I didn't get off until 7pm.

She did a gourmet concession stand! Three fancy flavors of popcorn, soft pretzels, mini hotdogs, soda pops!

These popcorns were so yummy! That black and white one was TDF! (to die for)


Cupcakes with snickers, m&ms, reese's and gummies on top!

Oreo cheesecakes! Cotton candy favors!

And Nacho Bar! I had multiple plates of these!

We played Oscar Bingo and cast our own ballots on who would win each category.

See? Told you I enjoyed that popcorn. 

Ry and Danielle.. Her face is killing me.. :) 

My handsome little guy!

Baby Coco working on that water bottle.

Hector and I, all gussied up.

Jac, Natty and me! (I had on heels..) 

Oscars 2011!! With a fresh, month old Cohen!

This was us at Oscars 2010.

Immediately after Oscars 2009, we got engaged! 

Me, Natty, Jam, Jac and Mindy! 

Mindy, me and Jac! Love these girls!

Natalie, thank you for always throwing the best parties! You are awesome! It gets better every year!


  1. I love this post! I'm glad you like the Oscar parties as much as I do!


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