Monday, August 2, 2010

We're alive, we're alive!!

Hey all! It's been a while.. for a few reasons..
1: We've been moving and extremely busy!
2: We don't have Internet at the new place yet... :-/
3: I...have...been...really...really...tired...this...week.

First of all, I need to say that we got a different apartment/complex than we'd been planning on for the past 3 months... The other one, eh.. I won't get into that. We just picked a new place. :)

I'll post pics as soon as it looks like a place people can live in :) It's a town home, with two bedrooms, so now there's a room for baby! We're thrilled to do all the painting and decorating that we wouldn't have been able to do if baby were in our room.

Speaking of baby... :) I figured out how to use my Doppler that I bought online! All this time I had been just putting it on my dry skin! The box clearly says you must use water or baby oil, etc. to get a good...signal?  Not sure what word I'm looking for there... Anyways, I poured on some vitamin E oil.. (it's all I had, OK??) and put the Doppler on my abdomen.. and, Voila!! There was little Bambino's heartbeat! I could listen to that sound all day and night! I have counted the heartbeat every day since my realization (Tuesday night) and it has consistently been 150 bpm. This is reassuring to me. I can't feel baby move yet, but I can tell when he/she moves away from the Doppler.. I'll have a strong beat in my headphones, then it will fade and I'll slide the scanner across to the other side and there it is again! It's quite exciting! I don't have a baby bump yet, but I feel like I will soon... I feel very full all the time. And where the baby is, I can tell it feels, just.. thick.. or something. So.. Here's hoping! :) Baby is the size of a turnip now... 5 inches long, 5 ounces. We're 16 weeks, 3 days now. Our next appointment is ONE week from today, then a week from then we'll find out the sex!

Mom and Dad came to help us move on Wednesday.. and Thank goodness they did! It was a huge help! They are so good to us! Then our sweet foundation group came to see the new place on Wednesday night. It was crowded and people sat on boxes, but it was fun! We live like 5 minutes away from most people now! It's wonderful and exciting! Hector and I went for our first swim the other night. It was relaxing, because we were tired!

On an unrelated note, filming on Seasons of Gray is OVER!!!!!! Finally!! I can have my husband back! The cast and crew had their wrap party tonight where they said their goodbyes. I'm just happy.. sometimes it was fun.. but, yea.. that was 6 weeks of not seeing Hector much. Now they'll begin editing and scoring, which Hector will maybe help with some, but that will be only occasionally and at the church. :)

Well, I plan to post again soon, IF we get our Internet hooked up this week... It will require some phone calls in the morning to see if I can swing it.. Hopefully!

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