Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanking Jesus

Well, you guessed it... Our Internet got installed today! I'm so thankful that we were able to find a company that serviced our complex (it was harder than you'd think!) and that they were able to come around 3 p.m. today and didn't have any problems installing. So, I wanted to take a minute to catch up, with some pictures I haven't been able to blog.

Happy 1 Year to us!
We were so excited to be able to finally eat our cake, after one full year of being married. I've said before, Hector has been asking if he could have some, since about March. Of course, we were worried that it would taste gross, like freezer burn or something, but it actually tasted good.

We cut one big slice, poured two glasses of milk, and took it to the couch. We shared that piece and had no more. It was really sweet, thick and dense, if that makes sense... We thought it would be best for our bodies to get rid of it while we were ahead. So, we indulged in that one piece and reminisced about our wedding and reception. It was nice. :)

  • Thank You for giving us this first year. For it being relatively easy, with no major fights to speak of. For keeping us in church, giving us Community and growing us in our Faith. For keeping our love strong even when we didn't feel very loving. For entrusting us with this life that is now growing strong inside of me. For never leaving our sides. :)
Swimming at the new apartment.
Make that Night Swimming at the new place. Yes, we find it is a little cooler and the water doesn't quite feel like bath water anymore if you just wait until night time. Oh, and there hasn't been a single soul other than us in the pools the two times we have done this.
I'll pretend that is all baby you're seeing there :)

Sweet husband, right before he dove in :)

  • Thank You for providing us with this apartment. For giving us hope when we felt defeated in the search. For moving us closer to our dear friends. For putting us in a safe neighborhood. For helping us find something we could afford.
Wonderful visit from the Buxtons
Natalie and Ry came over to see our new place, order take-out and play games! We haven't done this in so long, it was high time we caught up. We ordered Chinese from this delightful little place by us that delivers called Canton Express. We definitely didn't have that luxury back in Oak Cliff.. ;) Then we played Cranium Turbo...FUN! But I found out that I cannot hum or whistle a tune in front of other people to save my life! Oh, and Hector is pretty awesome at drawing pictures with his eyes closed! ;) Natty is for sure the Data Queen of us and Ry is really good at convincing Natalie to abandon her usually correct answer for his occasionally wrong answers. It was so wonderful to see these two and catch up.
Natalie and me

Ry and Hector

Goofy guys

  • Thank You for the ability to catch up with friends. For giving us opportunities to have fun. For laughter and joy.
Maggie's growing up on us
Little Maggie Grace is just over 3 1/2 months now already. She is growing so fast, it seems. Every time we see her she seems longer, heavier and more interested in everything around her. It's so sweet to watch her when Sallie is talking around her. Maggie just hears that voice, tunes in and locks eyes on Sallie. She knows who her Momma is. She even plays with toys now! I was so surprised to see her focus on the toy I dangled in front of her, then reach out and grab it!
Loves that toy!

Are you kidding me? Look at this big girl!

Mommy and daughter, so perfect!

  • Thank You for new life. For providing evidence of Your Power every time we see the precious little ones. For showing us child-like wonder and reminding us of child-like Faith--it really is so simple, isn't it? For the love we see parents demonstrating when they are with their children. For health and happiness. 
Man, we are blessed aren't we? AND, Brittany got a teaching job! 7th Grade Reading and Cheer coaching in Lewisville ISD! Thank the Lord for that! We've been praying for that for some time now!

This turned out longer than I had intended... Oh well, I had to get a lot in. Now I'll be more regular with my blogging! Good night world, BIG day tomorrow!!!!


  1. Such great updates!! I love pictures too, makes the posts so much more enjoyable becuase you feel like you're there too! Thanks for sharing and thanking Jesus!! :)

  2. Emily! You look great!! And it is ALL baby!! I am still just so happy for you!


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