Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday weekend

When I last left you, we were leaving for Paris, TX, on Friday afternoon. Being that we live in Plano now, we went home via the McKinney-Bonham route. Hector's not too sure about this particular route. I don't think it's any shorter or nicer. Maybe less traffic--once you get off 75. Ehh.. anyways.

We got to Mom and Dad's house at about 6 o'clock. And Dad had stuff ready to throw on the grill the minute we walked up. :) I LOVE going home! We started with armadillo eggs and peanut butter-stuffed jalapenos and cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos. Feast your eyes:
Armadillo eggs

Yep, that's peanut butter stuffed into a jalapeno, covered with bacon. :)
I won't lie, Hector and Dad ate the peanut butter ones.. I just couldn't.

My glorious baked potato with real bacon bits ;)
This, sadly, is the kind of foods I have been craving...

{Chicken that I ate too quickly to get a picture of}

My cute Mom made individual peach cobblers...she's so creative!

That about wrapped up dinner, an not a minute too soon... I was STUFFED!! Mom said to Dad, "Don't you wanna give them what you got the baby?" And they returned with these:

a camouflage pacifier.......

and John Deere socks........

What to say...what to say...? "You guys.... You.. shouldn't have.." Parents who live on a modern day farm--gotta love them! My dad said, "So he doesn't get confused with those city slicker babies over there." Umm.. what do you think we look like? We certainly don't wear Carhartt jackets, coveralls or camouflage apparel over here...why should our baby? :) But, when he's with you, Dad, I'll allow it. Within reason. But we really love the gifts. And I know our baby boy will appreciate seeing what his Granna and Pop bought him before he was even born, some day. For now they rest on the shelf in his closet where a few other early gifts sit. 

Then we went out to the barn to preview the nightstands my sweet parents were making for us. They still needed a touch-up coat and a clear coat of paint. We asked them to make them, because our bed is unnaturally tall and I just couldn't find nightstands that came up high enough! And we needed white, with storage. Mom saw a table at Hobby Lobby one day and took a picture of it and asked if that's what I had in mind, and it was! It was tall and had three shelves for baskets. Well, ours are taller, white and have 4 shelves for baskets! The only problem? Finding eight matching baskets, the right size, preferably in black.. :) We have three. Hobby Lobby has some weird policy about only re-ordering basket styles when they are completely out of that particular style. And this one has 3 different sizes. Mom is thinking about buying up the last too-small basket, just to force them to reorder the style. I think we'll cave and go eclectic and just get mis-matched baskets. It could be really cute, as our bed already has two different styles of baskets in it's cubbies for storage. We'll see. But here they are, getting touched up:

And Mom thought they needed something on top, so she put in a mosaic. I'm telling you...I've got the greatest Mom. Well, parents. My Dad did all the handy wood work for this furniture. We got to bring these gems home yesterday, and they look great next to our bed, which, by the way, my Dad also built. Pictures of the truly completed ensemble will follow at a later date. :)

I literally fell asleep on their couch 20 minutes after the above photos were taken. And slept until 8 the next morning.

My Birthday--Saturday--August, 21!!

I had pancakes for of my favorites!

We went to Paris to get my car's inspection (okay, not so fun, but necessary).

We went downtown to Paris Baby, Paris' very own exclusive baby and children's store. It was so cute!! There are lots of handmade, home-made items, and products you just don't find at most stores.

We went to Hobby Lobby to look at fabric for baby bedding, we're thinking Mom is going to make it. :)

Then we went to a matinee movie, Dinner for Schmucks. And in Paris, 5 matinee tickets cost us $12.50! This movie was... mmm... OK. Not Steve Carrell's best. It was funny, don't get me wrong. I laughed hard, quite a few times. But the storyline is just kind of.. well.. mean.

We went home to freshen up and then went to our 7 pm reservation at the Fish Fry-my favorite restaurant. The Shouses met us there, as well as the Hubbards, the Holladays, Sherry Risinger and my Grandmother, Ivy. It was so nice catching up with everyone and talking about our baby ideas/plans.

Such a good birthday! I'm 24 now and don't feel any older. :) I fell asleep really early again this night. Either work or my baby boy is getting to me. Second trimester, I'm supposed to have crazy bursts of energy right?? Where are they? I'm sleepier than ever! Speaking of which, I'm going to go take a nap right now, before my first of 5 shifts this week. :-/

I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet cat who lives at home with Mom and Dad. He used to live with me in Dallas, but turned out, he wasn't an apartment cat. His name is Napoleon. Yes, I got him shortly after the Napoleon Dynamite craze, years ago. He's so sweet and friendly--usually. I know Mom's just kidding around when she says he's going to make a really pretty rug one day. And she must like to kid, because she says this every time I come home...  ??  :)


  1. Omg, I died laughing when you quotes your dad, "those city slicker babies..." - hahahaha!!

  2. Napoleon makes a much bigger rug when he lays a certain way. No kidding.


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